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I Don’t Love You free piano sheet music by My Chemical Romance

About the song

Even though the message, in general, might seem cruel and sad, the song "I Don't Love You" which belongs to My Chemical Romance, is one of their masterpieces, according to critics and public opinion.

It is the third song of the band’s third album, called "The Black Parade". The single was released in 2007, April to the UK, after "Famous Last Words", another great success of the singers. Still, "Teenagers" was the song released before it, as the third one of the album. Nevertheless, the song was really well received by the public, and especially by the specialists, considering the fact that it received 4/5 positive star review from the site called Pitchfork Media.

They called it a "power ballad" and encouraged the writers and singers to continue in the same amazing style.

In addition to everything said, it is important to mention, as another argument that could convince you listen or even play the original song or, why not, a piano version of it, is represented by the charts that have been showing the song’s performance.

This being said, the song was included in the UK Singles Chart, where it debuted on the 65th position for downloads, but it went higher, going number 35 and then 13, when it was physically released to the public. Also, on May 24 2007, the song was entering the Galgalatz Israel Top 20 on the 3rd position.

Besides the remarkable success achieved on charts due to the style and great notes it has, "I Don’t Love You" was also praised for its video, which was directed by Marc Webb, who replaced Sam Bayer, the previous director. The images and the story in the video are built around two lovers, Colton Haynes and Cassandra Church, who are playing their roles in a strange world.

As the lyrics suggest, the lovers do not have a perfect relationship, because at a certain moment it ends, when one of them leaves the other one, causing him pain. The video was created as black and white, the main idea being to emphasize the contrast set between the two lovers and their attitude.

The things above being said, the conclusion is not complicated: this is a good song that has probably helped many hearts at a certain moment, which were passing through the same phase. The words, the way it is performed, the sound and the possibility to play it as a piano melody, could be the elements that can determine you try the "I Don’t Love You" free piano sheet music.

I Don’t Love You
Artists:My Chemical Romance
Released:April 3, 2007
Album:The Black Parade
Writers:My Chemical Romance
Track length:3:58
Genre:Alternative Rock

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I Don’t Love You - My Chemical Romance video tutorial preview

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