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Free piano sheet music from Clean Bandit

About Clean Bandit

Clean Bandit is a group from the United Kingdom.

They have their origins in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom. They were founded in the year 2009 and they are a predominantly electronic group.

The band's current lineup consists of Jack Patterson (bass guitar, keyboard), Luke Patterson (drums), Grace Chatto (cello) and Milan Neil Amin-Smith (violin).

In the year 2013 they released one of their best singles titled "Mozart's House". The single was released under the umbrella of Black Butter Records. On the UK Singles Chart, the song reached the 17th position.

Their big break came in the year 2013, in January. Clean Bandit released the single "Rather Be", that you can find on our website, that was a huge success on the UK Singles Chart. The song stayed in the chart's top for 4 weeks straight. The song has elements of classical music, along with a dance music beat.

Critics and music fans described Clean Bandit's musical style as being a 'fusion'. The reason behind this statement was that the band mixes electronic music with classical and deep-house elements.

The band is well known because they write their own music. Producer Wayne Dean was the one who discovered the band's potential. The band also manages the production of their own music.

The music videos of the Clean Bandit's songs integrate so well with the music that they are a whole as it is. The band conceives their music videos during the stage when they write their songs.

Another reason of the band's greatness is that the music videos of the songs are made independently by themselves. Often they include references to culture in them (e.g. the ice skating man in the video to "Dust Clears" is a reference to the painting by Henry Raeburn of The Skating Minister).

Clean Bandit
Artists:- Jack Patterson
- Luke Patterson
- Grace Chatto
- Milan Neil Amin-Smith
Origin:Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
Genres:UK Funky, Baroque Pop, Deep House, Classical, Electronic, Synthpop, Nu-disco
Years active:2009–present
Labels:Warner Music Group, Black Butter Records
Discography:- New Eyes (2014)
Official year when they were formed:2009

Clean Bandit sheet music list (1 in total)

Rather Be

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