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Free piano sheet music from Stone Sour

About Stone Sour

Stone Sour are an alternative metal and hard rock band from the United States.

Their origins are in Iowa, in Des Moines and have been active since the year 1992. Their first time together lasted a total of 5 years, until 1997. They rejoined in 2000 and have been stable as a lineup since the year 2006. They consist of the lead vocalist Corey Taylor, drummer Roy Mayorga and guitarist Josh Rand. Former members are drummer Joel Ekman, who left the band in 2006, guitarist Jim Root who left in 2014 and Shawn Economaki for the bass guitar who left in 2011.

Their studio albums have been in the number of a total of five. Their first one was in 2002 and was self-titled, "Stone Sour". After 4 years, they released another one, entitled "Come What(Ever) May". In 2010, their third album hit the market and was called "Audio Secrecy". In 2012 and 2013, they released two other albums. The first one was called "House of Gold & Bones – Part 1", followed by "House of Gold & Bones – Part 2". They also have one live album, the digital release being called "Live in Moscow". It has been released in the year 2007.

Their debut self-titled album gathered two nominations for the band, for two singles.

First, the single "Get Inside" from 2003 made them receive a nomination for Best Metal Performance. In 2004, the single "Inhale" was nominated for the same award, the Best Metal Performance one. The album "Stone Sour" actually received Gold status and certification by the RIAA. The year 2006 meant another nomination for them at the Grammy Awards. Thanks to the album "Come What(Ever) May", they released the single "30/30-150". This song became nominated for another Best Metal Performance award.

The musical style of Stone Sour incorporates the genres of hard rock, alternative metal and even heavy metal.

The drum features patterns of double bass, while the guitar riffs are generally heavy. With two guitars, their songs usually provide a harmonic vibe, while vocally the singing is mixed up with screams. Josh Rand said that their style tends to be one of a thrash metal genre.

Corey Taylor has won the Golden Gods Award for Best Vocalist in the year 2013.

That same year, the band received a Golden Gods Award for Best International award. Drummer Roy Mayorga has also been nominated that same year for Golden Gods Award for Best Drummer.

Stone Sour
Lineup:- Corey Taylor
- Josh Rand
- Roy Mayorga
- Johny Chow
- Christian Martucci
Origin:Des Moines, Iowa, US
Genres:Post-grunge, Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal, Hard Rock
Years active:1992–1997, 2000–present
Label:Roadrunner Records
Official year when they were formed:1992
Discography:- Stone Sour (2002)
- Come What(ever) May (2006)
- Audio Secrecy (2010)
- House of Gold & Bones – Part 1 (2012)
- House of Gold & Bones – Part 2 (2013)
Other members:- Joel Ekman
- Shawn Economaki
- Jim Root

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