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Tik Tok free piano sheet music by Kesha

About the song

"Tik Tok" is one of the biggest songs of American singer and songwriter Kesha.

The song was written by Kesha Sebert, Lukasz Gottwald, Benjamin Levin and it was produced by Dr. Luke, Benny Blanco.

The song was released on the 7th of August 2009 as the debut single of the starring artist.

"Tik Tok" was the debut single from the "Animal" album, Kesha's debut album from 2009.

The beginning of the song was inspired by Kesha's awakening surrounded by lots of women. She imagined Diddy in a scenario like this. This was the first step to the song's creation.

The idea was presented to Dr. Luke, Kesha's producer, whom contacted Diddy for a collaboration. He agreed and in the same day that he went to Kesha's studio, he recorded the lines that completed the song that we know today.

"Tik Tok's" lyrics emphasize the meaning that you shouldn't let anything bring you down, ant that you should live a care free life.

The genres that embrace this song are dance-pop and electro pop. It also uses a minimalist video-game beat interspersed with handclaps and synths. In this song, Kesha's powerful rap influences are observed. She uses a rap style voice during the singing of the chorus.

The song was received with warmth by the critics and music enthusiasts alike. We could say that the song was a success form a critical point of view. The only thing that was mentioned is that "Tik Tok" is to similar to other artists' songs like Uffie or Lady Gaga.

From a selling point of view, the song was a huge success. It topped the musical charts in no less that 11 countries. "Tik Tok" broke the record for the biggest single-week sum of all time for a female artist in the United States, after it was sold in over half a million copies as digital downloads.

Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certified the song as 5× platinum for achieving sales of 5 million copies. The song had sold in over 6 million copies in the United States alone.

Worldwide, the song was the best-selling single of the year 2010. It was sold in almost 13 million copies in 2010 alone. After it exceeded the 15 million step, the became the second best-selling single in the digital history after "I Gotta Feeling".

The Billboard Hot 100 Songs of All-time placed the song Kesha's single on the 56th position.

Kesha's sheet music for Tik Tok is available for your piano to enjoy below. Stay tuned!

Tik Tok
Writers:Kesha Sebert, Lukasz Gottwald, Benjamin Levin
Producers:Dr. Luke, Benny Blanco
Released:August 7, 2009
Genres:Dance-pop, electropop
Track length:3:19

Piano cover

Tik Tok - Kesha video tutorial preview

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