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When she loved me (Toy Story 2 Soundtrack Theme Song) free piano sheet music by Sarah McLachlan

About the song

"When She Loved Me" by Sarah McLachlan is a song that opens one of Walt Disney's most beautiful movies, Toy Story 2.

This is the theme song of Toy Story 2's soundtrack.

"When She Loved Me" is the original soundtrack of the movie, sang by the Canadian musician, songwriter and piano player Sarah McLachlan (for more piano sheets of Disney’s amazing movie soundtracks keep on browsing our website). Known for her romantic ballads and unique voice, the artist has had many of her musical pieces included in various successful Hollywood movies, selling over 40 million copies of her albums worldwide.

One of the most famous Disney movies of all times is definitely "Toy Story 2" (1999), the sequel of the first movie made in 1997, that follows the adventures of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie and all of Andy Davises toys.

Magical, colorful, funny and timeless … that’s how we would describe the Walt Disney movies that all of us, old or young, love so much.

When you think about the perfect ensemble between the beautifully created characters, the captivating story and of course the carefully chosen soundtracks, it becomes pretty clear why everyone has always been so in love with them.

The song appears in a flash-back scene of Jessie’s the Yodeling Cowgirl as she remembers her former owner and best friend Emily. The two of them used to be inseparable, little Emily bringing Jessie along with her wherever she went. However, as the girl begins to grow and becomes an adolescent she slowly starts to forget her childhood best friend, Jessie falling into oblivion up to the point where Emily drops her in a donation box, carelessly driving away and leaving the Yodeling Cowgirl behind.

In perfect accordance with the dramatic character of the scene, Sarah McLachlan’s song received amazing reviews from the music critics and was nominated for a great number of awards, including the 2000 Academy Award for Best Original Song and the Oscar for Best Song that same year. Also, the song has been adapted to several other versions over the years, including the ones sang by Bridgit Mendler and Michael Crawford.

The Disney World means magic and color, music and dance! If you want to learn how to play this song and many, many others, all you have to do is search our website and numerous piano sheets, piano tabs and, of course, piano scores as well will be yours.

The theme song for Toy Story 2's soundtrack, When She Loved Me, keeps alive the magic and the enthusiasm of the little toys, and keeps us a part of their story. Enjoy this soundtrack theme song, and let us know how are your piano playing skills after.

When she loved me (Toy Story 2 Soundtrack Theme Song)
Artist:Sarah McLachlan
Released:24 November 1999
Album:Toy Story 2: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack
Label:Walt Disney
Writer:Randy Newman
Track length:3:04

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When she loved me (Toy Story 2 Soundtrack Theme Song) - Sarah McLachlan video tutorial preview

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