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Free piano sheet music from Sarah McLachlan

About Sarah McLachlan

Sarah Ann McLachlan is the full name of a singer/songwriter from Canada.

She is a multi-instrumentalist as well, better known for her piano skills. She was born on the 28th of January, year 1968 in Nova Scotia, Halifax. Her main genres are pop rock and soft rock and among the instruments she knows how to play are the guitar and the harp, as well as the banjo or the ukulele.

She has been active since the year 1988 and has worked for the labels Verve, Arista Records and Nettwerk.

Her mezzo-soprano voice is known for her ballads full of emotion. By the year 2009, she had already sold over 40 million copies of her albums. Her best album commercially has been "Surfacing". This album also gained her a number of 2 Grammy Awards, as well as a number of 4 Juno Awards. She is the founder of the Lilith Fair tour, aimed at promoting women musicians. The tours of the Lilith Fair have lasted two years, in the 1997-1999 period, but have been reinstated in 2010. In 2014, she came back to the scene with the album "Shine On".

Her first album has been released by Nettwerk. It was called "Touch" and got released in 1988. It was a great success, especially due to the song "Vox", which became a hit. In 1991, she released another album, titled "Solace". It was her hit album in Canada. Great songs have become hits from this album.

We can remember the singles "Into the Fire" and "The Path of Thorns (Terms)". She began to work together with producer Pierre Marchand, with whom she never departed.

In 1993, Sarah McLachlan released "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy". In Canada, it was extremely well received. She recorded a piano version of the song "Possession", which got used on the soundtrack of "Due South". The year of the soundtrack’s release was 1996.

In 2003, she released the album "Afterglow" and started touring once more. The album spawned three singles, called "Stupid", "World on Fire" and "Fallen". The year 2004 was the year of a live album called "Afterglow Live". In the month of October, 2006, McLachlan released a holiday themed album. It was called "Wintersong".

This album reached as high as the seventh place on the Billboard 200 charts. It was also certified Platinum in the United States, as well as double Platinum in Canada. Her next two albums have been "Laws of Illusion" from 2010 and "Shine On" from 2014.

Sarah McLachlan
Birth name:Sarah Ann McLachlan
Born:January 28, 1968 In Halifax, Nova Scotia
Genres:Pop Rock, Adult Contemporary, Pop, Rock, Soft Rock, Adult Alternative
Years active:1988–present
Labels:Arista, Verve, Nettwerk
Instruments:Vocals, Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Banjo, Harp
Occupations:Songwriter, Producer, Singer, Multi-instrumentalist, Painter
Discography:- Touch (1988)
- Solace (1991)
- Fumbling Towards Ecstasy (1993)
- Surfacing (1997)
- Afterglow (2003)
- Wintersong (2006)
- Laws of Illusion (2010)
- Shine On (2014)

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