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Little Me free piano sheet music by Little Mix

About the song

"Little Me" is a mixture of the R&B and pop genres and it's a song from the British band "Little Mix".

The single is part of "Salute", which stands as the group's second studio album. It is also part of the Syco label and it has two different versions in terms of length: a longer one, of 3:55 minutes, which is the version on the album, and a shorter one, of 3:31 minutes, the single version.

"Little Me" was released for digital download on December 30th, 2014 and it was recorded throughout the year 2013.

The song was written by the band, Little Mix, alongside Iain James and TMS.

The song received positive feedback from music critics in the industry and it was offered four stars out of five

Little Mix's song is compared with "Beautiful" from Christina Aguilera and "Ugly" from Sugababes.

"Little Me" was present in many important charts. It reached number 19 on the UK Singles Chart, number three on the Armenian Singles Chart and number 15 on the Iceland Singles Chart. It was also present in many other countries' charts, such as Canada, Scotland, Australia, Belgium, Australia and Ireland.

"Little Mix" offered a live performance of the single November 3rd, 2013 on the show "The Xtra Factor", on December 8th, 2013 at "Jingle Bell Ball", for the radio station Capital FM. The group also offered a live performance of the song on the American TV show "Good Morning America".

"Little Me" is a relatively recent single, from a recently formed band with a promising future in from of them. The song has managed to reach some of the most important charts in the world and it gained popularity among the audience.

The reviews received were positive, or…at least most of them, the original song of Little Mix was qualified as "Effortless and uplifting" by Robert Copsey, whom gave "Little Me" four out of five stars. Also, Melissa Redman sustained the fact that the song has beautiful vocals. In addition, she appreciated the "mature lyrics", which were able to transfer you the feelings.

Full of meanings and messages, "Little Me" is the source of a great piano sheet. Is seen as amazing nowadays, represents not only a high success of the girls members of Little Mix, but besides that, it is a kind of model of thinking and acting for many of us.

Little Me
Artists:Little Mix
Writers:Little Mix, TMS, Iain James
Released:December 30, 2013
Track length:3:55

Piano cover

Little Me - Little Mix video tutorial preview

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Maia Lepp October 01, 2015 at 22:08 #1

I love how this included the lyrics, but I can't print it out for my key board. Anything I can do about it?