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Let Her Go free piano sheet music by Passenger

About the song

"Let Her Go", the beautiful song written and recorded by Passenger, the British singer-songwriter, is one of the most beautiful and appreciated songs of the moment, recording a high success on the international music market.

This magnificent song inspired us to create and offer you the soft and beautiful "Let Her Go" free piano sheet.

This masterpiece was recorded at Sydney’s Linear Recording, having as co-producer Mike Rosenberg and Chris Vallejo.

It was released as the second single belonging to Passenger’s third album, "All the Little Lights", which registered a high success, featuring famous Australian singers like Stu Larsen, Glenn Wilson and Georgia Mooney.

This source of inspiration was appreciated worldwide, being positioned on the first place of numerous top charts in countries like Australia, Austria, Belgium, Mexico, Sweden and some others, on the second position in the United Kingdom Singles Chart, the fifth position on the US Billboard Hot 100.

An important chance for the artist, considering its contribution to his career, the song was well received not only by the public, but also the critics gave it a good feedback. Regarding the sales it registered, maybe even unexpectedly considerable, the producers and the artist were amazed to register over one million digital copies only in the UK and more than 3 million in the US as of February 2014.

The nomination of the song for the Brit Award for British Single of the Year at the 2014 BRIT Awards had also brought an important contribution in the success of the original version of the "Let Her Go".

There were many other covers were realized by numerous artists that appreciated the song and also the singer.

Some of them are Violetta Zironi, who performed her cover during the seventh season of X Factor in Italy and created an Italian cover released in December 2013, Birdy, the young British singer, Within Temptation and Jasmine Thompson.

The song is able to transmit all the feelings it suggests through words by only listening to the rhythm, the melody creates images by itself, the soft slow and well accorded notes make emotions show and thoughts vibe in the air.

All the evidences show quality, all the roads go to success and appreciation regarding the beautiful and free "Let Her Go" sheet music.

Let Her Go
Producers:Mike Rosenberg, Chris Vallejo
Released:24 July 2012
Album:All The Little Lights
Labels:Embassy Of Music, Black Crow, Sony, Nettwerk, Warner Bros. Records
Writer:Mike Rosenberg
Track length:4:13
Genres:Folk Rock, Indie Pop, Acoustic

Piano cover

Let Her Go - Passenger video tutorial preview

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Kira September 01, 2015 at 22:03 #1

This piece of music is beautiful.

Kira September 13, 2015 at 20:19 #2

I love this song and the sheet music is beautiful.

Gyna April 11, 2016 at 07:30 #3

I would like to say that this song is the one my grandpa loved sooo much, and he gave me this feeling. Very nice song!

Anonomous July 08, 2016 at 18:36 #4

Every time I hear this song, I get this really nice feeling inside. I showed this song to my dad, and he really liked it too. The sheet music was very well written too.