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Free piano sheet music from Birds of Tokyo

About Birds of Tokyo

Even though their name does not suggest that in any possible way, "Birds of Tokyo", are five boys who formed the band in Western Australia, Perth.

The name of their debut album was suggestively chosen: "Day One" and it seemed that was actually their first day of success. This album got to be placed on the third position on the AIR Independent Album charts, impressing the public through the fact that their mentioned album spent 36 consecutive weeks in the top 10.

The next album released by the band was called "Universes". It was made available in 2008, becoming the third one on the Australian ARIA Albums Chart.

It was followed by the release, in 2010, of the band’s self-titled third album as studio release, which succeeded to spend more than eight months in the Australian Top 20, being positioned on the second place on the ARIA Albums Chart.

"Birds of Tokyo" really registered a high success, as for example the double platinum which they received in the 2010 ARIA Award for Best Rock Album, thing that is able to support the statement according to which the band is appreciated. But their most impressive success was due to one song they created, the triple platinum single called "Lanterns", holding the title of most played song on Australia radio in 2013, for the first six months.

They deserve to be appreciated, as they have been continuously proving. "Birds of Tokyo" is a remarkable band, and, maybe would get to captivate you, on the condition you listen to it, or even try it.

Birds of Tokyo
Lineup:- Ian Kenny
- Adam Spark
- Adam Weston
- Glenn Sarangapany
- Ian Berney
Origin:Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Genre:Alternative Rock
Years active:2004–present
Other members:Anthony Jackson
Discography:- Day One (2007)
- Universes (2008)
- Birds Of Tokyo (2010)
- The Broken Strings Tour (2010)
- March Fires (2013)

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