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Free piano sheet music from Crowded House

About Crowded House

The pop rock band Crowded House has its origins in Australia, Melbourne.

It has as founding members Neil Finn, the vocalist who is also an extraordinary guitarist and primary songwriter, next to Paul Hester, the drums player of the band and the bass player Nick Seymour, accompanied later by Tim Finn, Mark Hart and Matt Sherrod.

The band started its activity in 1985 and it successfully continued up to 1996 in Australia and New Zealand, but it fast became known all over the world.

They have beautiful songs, most of them with pleasant piano sheets.

Their history says that their success at international level had two main phases, starting from their self-titled album that they debuted with, which reached number twelve on the US Album Chart in 1987 and included hits of Top Ten, as "Don't Dream It's Over", and "Something So Strong".

Their third and fourth albums, called "Woodface" and "Together Alone" were also important in the evolution of the band, as it was also the case of the compilation album named "Recurring Dream", which included the hits "Fall at Your Feet", "Distant Sun", "Weather with You", "Instinct" and one of their most enjoyed pieces, "Not the Girl You Think You Are".

It worths to keep in mind that they were appreciated at a high level, considering the OBE that Queen Elizabeth II offered the two Finn brothers, Neil and Tim, in June 1993, for their important contribution in the development of the music of New Zealand.

The integrity of the band had some issues at certain moments, an example being the situation when the drummer Hester Paul left the band because some family reasons, but he became back the component of Crowded House for their Farewell to the World, a series of concerts held in Sydney in 1996.

After Neil decided to leave the band to build a solo career, a tragedy had happened, represented by the Hester's death by suicide at 46 years old, in 2005.

Even though that tragedy affected in some ways not only the image of the band and its integrity, but also the confidence of the last members, Crowded House had the power to get over and re-grouped in 2006, when the new drummer Matt Sherrod became a member. This was followed by the releasing of two albums, both of them appreciated by lots of fans, reaching number one at that time on Australia's Album Chart.

One of the most appreciable things may be seen the fact that the band behaved as a strong person, which even though confronted many obstacles, kept its ability to go further and achieve its goals.

Crowded House
Lineup:Neil Finn, Nick Seymour, Mark Hart And Matt Sherrod
Origin:Melbourne, Australia
Genres:Rock, Pop Rock, Jangle Pop, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, New Wave
Years active:1985–1996, 2006–present
Labels:Capitol, ATO
Other members:Paul Hester (deceased), Tim Finn, Peter Jones (deceased)
Discography:- Crowded House (1986)
- Temple Of Low Men (1988)
- Woodface (1991)
- Together Alone (1993)
- Time On Earth (2007)
- Intriguer (2010)
Official year when they were formed:1985

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