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Runaway free piano sheet music by Janet Jackson

About the song

"Runaway" is a very beautiful song by Janet Jackson, written and composed in 1995.

As almost all Janet's songs, this one is also a very happy and joyful song, that leaves you with a good state of mind and gives you a lot of energy.

The most important message that the song tries to send us, is that you have to runaway sometimes, you have to take a break from the everyday life, not only when you get tired of it, but just to catch the energy and motivation you need to continue it.

But Janet performed the song in a lot of occasions and tried to teach everybody that no matter where you go, where you escape, where you "runaway", you have to be with your beloved one, because instead, anything you will find in the world is useless. This is what she sustains at the end of every verse, you find the lyric "the one thing missing was you".

Janet shows us a lot of great places in the music video, and she mentions in the songs, countries and cities like Mexico, Paris, Australia, Africa and Egypt. She just jumps out the window and goes traveling the world and visiting those wonderful places, but all she keeps saying is "runaway with me love", showing us that no matter where you go, what amazing things and places you visit, take your lover with you.

Not just because you will miss him/her, but also because the world will be a more beautiful place, surrounded by your love. She was always a person who put love and friendship on the first place in her life, and who was never alone.

That's why also when she "Runs away" she can not imagine herself alone.

The lyrics are very touching and joyful, making you happy and feeling away from home. The song was very appreciated and awarded as deserved and you surely remember the period when you could hear it everywhere!

Janet Jackson is one of the most appreciated artist and singer, so her songs will forever be kept in our hearts.

Runaway's free piano sheet is available for download, view or print below. Stay tuned!

Artist:Janet Jackson
Writers:Janet Jackson, James Harris III, Terry Lewis
Producers:Janet Jackson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis
Released:August 29, 1995
Album:Design of a Decade 1986/1996
Track length:3:35
Genres:Pop, worldbeat, R&B

Piano cover

Runaway - Janet Jackson video tutorial preview

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