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Always free piano sheet music by Bon Jovi

About the song

Numerous love demonstrations, promises and proposals have been using "Always" as a background, since its releasing in 1994 album "Cross Road" by the well known band Bon Jovi.

Actually, the song was specially written as a soundtrack for the 1993 film called "Romeo is Bleeding".

But, because of the fact that the band was not so satisfied with the way the movie was created and the scenes it had, Bon Jovi decided not to give the song to the producers for using it in the movie and that was a good idea, considering the fact that the film did not have any success, being considered a big failure, a disaster of the film industry.

The vocalist of the band refused to release the song at that moment and forgot about it until one of his friends found the track and was amazed by its unexpected quality, convincing the artist to show it to the public and wait for reactions.

That was the band did, releasing it once with the compilation "Cross Road" and it got the full appreciation of the delighted fans due to its soft melody.

"Always" became their best selling single, meaning a million copies sold only in the United States and over 3 million in the whole world.

The appreciation it received is also demonstrated by the fourth position it reached in the United States Billboard chart, the second position on the Mainstream Top 40. Moreover, people from Australia liked it a lot, getting to the first position on the charts, as those from United Kingdom (#2) and also those from Germany (#4).

Its capacity to impress, through the powerful words and melodious line which make the song sound as a ballad, also transferred "Always" to have a piano sheet.

Bon Jovi seems to consider it one of their best songs, having it featured on their video "Live From London".

It was also constantly performed recently, on the band’s "Lost Highway Tour", this live version being also included on the concert DVD "Live at Madison Square Garden".

To summarize, a successful song, more than that, one that will probably be in fashion for a long time, if not "always", through its powerful message, which can now also be experienced through the free piano sheet posted below.

Artists:Bon Jovi
Writer:Jon Bon Jovi
Producer:Peter Collins
Released:September 20, 1994
Album:Cross Road
Track length:5:54 (Album Version) and 4:55 (Edit)

Piano cover

Always - Bon Jovi video tutorial preview

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