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Free piano sheet music from Bon Jovi

About Bon Jovi

Well known all over the world since it was lanced in the music industry, back in 1984, the rock band Bon Jovi, whose songs have, as you have the possibility to discover here, beautiful piano sheets, took its name from the vocalist John Francis Bongiovi.

He started performing songs since he was an adolescent, alone, at special occasions at the beginning and later accompanied by David Bryan in some pubs and bars in Jersey.

Considering the fact that John's cousin, Tony Bongiovi was the owner of recordings studio called Power Station, where Jon was working as guardian, his accessibility to have direct contact with what music recordings mean was facilitated.

Also, this can be considered as setting the basis of the following career, because it was the place where, after finishing his work schedule, John started to record short parts of songs he appreciated or demos, sometimes being even sustained in his trials by the members of E Street Band or Aldo Nova.

"Runaway" is one of the above mentioned demos, which became well known due to its promoting by the local radio station of New Jersey.

Later, the basis was officially set, under the name of Bon Jovi performing John, Bryan, Dave Sabo, Tico Torres and Alec John Such, who did not have any idea of the numerous successes they would have. Even though not many people are conscious of this, their rock ballads have charming and full of feelings which make come to the surface the deepest emotions ever felt.

1984 and 1985 were two years of success for the band, being a period characterized by the apparition of two albums appreciated by many fans, but starting with the next three years, the glory and fame of the band became much higher through the releasing of other two albums, "Slippery When Wet", in 1986 and "New Jersey" in 1988.

Once these two albums were released, the entire world found out by the existence and performances of Bon Jovi.

Year 1990 was marked by a break the formation decided to take after the New Jersey Tour, moment in which John Bonjovi and Richie Sambora focused more on their solo careers.

Two years later, the hit song "Keep the Faith" received Platinum, followed by many other awards that came with the pass of time. A few years later, in 2000, the lively rock song "It's My Life" was released being appreciated especially by the young generation.

Regarding the musical genres and styles they adopted during the time, we may observe a various combination of pop, rock and even country, all of them having also appreciable piano sheets, as the songs included on the album "Lost Highway" released in 2007 show.

In 2009 Bon Jovi released "The Circle", album launched in United States, followed by the one released in 2013, the most recent one, "What About Now", which also seems to represent a great success for the band.

With over 130 million of copies sold all over the world, more than 34 million fans and around 2700 concerts, it may seem not enough to qualify the band Bon Jovi as one of the greatest that have ever existed.

The transformation of their best pop and rock songs into piano sheets represents a chance to better feel their music and understand the enormous number of fans the band nowadays has.

Bon Jovi
Lineup:- Jon Bon Jovi
- David Bryan
- Tico Torres
Origin:Sayreville, New Jersey
Genres:Rock, Hard Rock, Glam Metal
Years active:1983–present (hiatuses from 1990–1991 and 1997–1999)
Labels:Island, Mercury, Mercury Nashville
Instruments:Vocals, Guitar, Drums
Official year when they were formed:1983
Other members:- Alec John Such
- Richie Sambora
Discography:- Bon Jovi (1984)
- 7800° Fahrenheit (1985)
- Slippery When Wet (1986)
- New Jersey (1988)
- Keep the Faith (1992)
- These Days (1995)
- Crush (2000)
- Bounce (2002)
- This Left Feels Right (2003)
- Have a Nice Day (2005)
- Lost Highway (2007)
- The Circle (2009)
- What About Now (2013)

Bon Jovi sheet music list (3 in total)

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