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Piano Man free piano sheet music by Billy Joel

About the song

"Piano Man" is the title of a song by soft rock musician Billy Joel. It is the lead single from the album "Piano Man" from 1973 and has since been included on many of his other albums.

It was actually his first single ever. The recording took place in September 1973, in Los Angeles. Joel was the sole writer of the song and it was released as a 45 rpm single on the second of November, 1973. This folk rock single was produced by Michael Stewart and has the track "You’re My Home" as the B-side.

"Piano Man" is Billy Joel’s first great hit and also became a signature song for him. In April 1974, the song reached its best position in the United States, rank 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The story of the song is that of Joel’s relived experience from 1972 at a bar in Los Angeles called Executive Room.

The singer himself said that the characters from the song are inspired from real life people that he knew. He used to be a lounge singer and piano player at that bar and there he met the people that would become characters in his song. There’s John the bartender, then a real estate agent by the name of Paul, even his first wife becomes a character in the song.

The song "Piano Man" was first released as a single, then included as track number two for his "Piano Man" album. It was then included in greatest hits albums and collections. The song has a key of C Major and has jazz influences in its beginning. A harmonica intro makes the song also pretty special. Joel played the piano and harmonica, as well as other instruments, such as mandolin, accordion or drums.

In 1977, an initial promo video for the song was released. Later, in 1985, a new video was recorded, similar to the initial version. Not being extremely successful in the United States, it did not get initial airplay for a couple of years. Since 1977 though, when Joel released a new album called "The Stranger", it will become very popular.

On iTunes, it is the number one song for Billy Joel, from a statistics from February 2014.

"Piano Man" by Billy Joel ranked on the tenth place on the Canadian Singles Chart and even made it to the fourth place on the US Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks.

Later on, in 2013, it charted at place 83 in Ireland and 56 on the Dutch charts in 2014.

Piano Man
Artist:Billy Joel
Producer:Michael Stewart
Released:November 2, 1973
Album:Piano Man
Genres:Folk Rock, Soft Rock, Piano Rock
Track length:5:38

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