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Dirty Diana free piano sheet music by Michael Jackson

About the song

Well, anyone of you who knows Michael Jackson, is aware of his good and kind parts, his "bad" parts.. but also his increased sexuality.

Michael had some very strong and energetic songs, and when it came to love, was a very different thing from the sexual issue.

"Dirty Diana" is one of the sexiest songs of Michael Jackson, a very strong guitar melody, that sends each and every one of us a different kind of love and perversity.

"Dirty Diana" is played in the key of G minor.He also sings the song with a bad attitude, with a frowning face, and powerful gestures.

The song was released in April 18, 1988, and very quickly got to number one in the charts all over the world. It was very well received by the public and also the critics.

"Dirty Diana" is, in it's essence, a song about a lady named Diana, that is a very sexual and pervert person, which "likes the boys in the band" and "she waits at the backstage door for those who have prestige". Exactly like the lyrics say, Michael wants to be left alone by this dirty lady, who is just a fan of bad boys.

And, the main lyric is "Dirty Diana- NO", that Michael shouts in a very powerful way.

A long period of time, it was something that everybody came to say, that Diana from the song, is Michael's closest friend, Diana Ross, fact which wasn't true, and was denied later.

Steve Stevens, the guitarist, made, in my opinion, his best work ever! Without his guitar, the song would not have that power and perversity.

You can also see that in the music video, he is included like a very important part of the action. "Dirty Diana" 's music video, starts with a very sexy appearance of Michael, in a dizzy light, and shows him like a real "bad boy" from the band, which "dirty Diana" likes. She also appears in the video, very sexy and mean, deluding Michael, and letting him chasing her.

This is one of the most powerful hard rock song written and sang by Michael Jackson.

Dirty Diana's free piano sheet is available for download below.

Dirty Diana
Artist:Michael Jackson
Writer:Michael Jackson
Producers:Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson (co-producer)
Released:April 18, 1988
Genres:Pop rock, hard rock, heavy metal
Track length:4:52

Piano cover

Dirty Diana - Michael Jackson video tutorial preview

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