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Cry free piano sheet music by Michael Jackson

About the song

"Cry" is one of the last singles to have been released by the famous American singer Michael Jackson.

The best-selling artist of all time and the main pop icon of the past decades, The King Of Pop released the single on December 3rd, 2001 as part of his last studio album, "Invincible".

The beautiful ballad is a mixture of the genres R&B and gospel and stands as an inceptive from the artist for togetherness and a unification of emotions among people.

Just like in previous songs, Michael addresses the entire population of the globe to gather and be better, both for themselves as for the others. His quarrel is more like an invitation to adjust mistakes and become a better person. The song was written by R. Kelly and produced by the latter along with the singer.

"Cry" was released by Epic Records and had two B-Sides: "Shout" and "Streetwalker", a song that had already appeared on the singer's special edition of the album "Bad", also in 2001.

Michael Jackson has always been a militant for positive forces and positive change throughout the world. His sense and message of environmentalism and world peace has been present in his work for decades.

The impact which his work has had on people served as a tool to shape and change the world. He helped millions of people to moderate their bad habits and attitude and aspire to a better self.

To this day, it is still debatable whether his magic came from the way he approached the octaves, the way he used the dance motion or the way he decided to change the world. Kindness, togetherness, unity and the triumph of good are the main pylons in Michael's message to the world throughout his career.

Starting with "We Are The World", "Man In The Mirror", continuing with "Heal The World" and "Earth Song", he offered great singles as a mean to influence and shape the world in a positive way. Just like the previous, "Cry" wake-up call for the world regarding the direction we are heading on, and a reminder of the important things and values in life.

The single received mainly positive reviews from the music critics and reached the charts in many countries. According to Jon Pareles the song

"applies its grand buildup to one of pop's strangest utopian schemes"

The music video that was made for the singles shows thousands of people holding hands and it was directed by Nicholas Brandt. He filmed it in six different places and the persons who appeared in the video were actually part of a real life gospel group.

"Cry" topped Billboard's "Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Chart" and was present in many other countries such as Australia, France, Sweden, Austria, Spain and many others.

The song is set for immortality along with the artist.

The theme is like the majority of Michael's hits, "world peace", "changing the world", and making it a better place.

As he always says and teaches, we should all try to make a little change in good, so with little from here, little from there...we will change the world together, making it a better place.

In this song, Michael cries the lyric "I can't do it by myself", when he "asks" us to help him changing the world. He also refers to war, friendship and brotherhood. Using the idea that everyone needs something and misses something, he wrote the touching lyrics

"Somebody shakes when the wind blows

Somebody's missing a friend, hold on

Somebody's lacking a hero"

, and they will all receive what they need if we all fight together.

This is the main theme from all Michael's songs, but apart from some of them, "Cry" is very appropriate for the piano, so, grab the free piano sheet from the next section.

Artist:Michael Jackson
Writer:R. Kelly
Producers:Michael Jackson and R. Kelly
Released:December 3, 2001
Genres:R&B, gospel
Track length:5:00

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