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Bad free piano sheet music by Michael Jackson

About the song

This song was the first "new image" of Michael Jackson. "Bad" was written by Michael Jackson himself and was released in September 1987, being the second single from the album named the same, "Bad".

The "new" Michael Jackson is totally different from the image we are used to until this music video.

Michael is a tough person, wearing chains and black leather, with a band of big bad boys behind him, street gang dancing and he was best described with the word "bad", as those were the times when teenagers used this as a description of being cool.

So everybody loved it, and it was also clearly through the charts: number one on the Billboard Hot 100, and stayed there for two weeks at least.

The song in key of A Minor was about the kid from the streets, a bad kid with his band, asking everyone "who's bad" and replying "you're bad" or "I'm Bad", concentrates a lot of force and energy.

He succeeds in making all of us feeling like that and full of energy, and stronger than before. Even if we just enjoy the video or the lyrics, we should know that there is a true story behind it. The real story was about a teenager from "the streets", that went to school in upstate NY and tried to do something with his life, to become a better man and leave the old life behind.

The tragic in the story is that the boy's friends were so jealous, that they killed the student. Michael Jackson was so impressed by the story, that he did the entire song and video, but didn't include the boy's death.

As every song of Michael, "Bad" was also well received by the critics, the public and most of all, the fans, who were to receive, for the first time, another part of the amazing icon, Michael Jackson.

Enjoy the free piano sheet for Bad by Michael Jackson, that we posted below.

Artist:Michael Jackson
Writer:Michael Jackson
Producers:Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson (co-producer)
Released:September 7, 1987
Genres:Dance-pop, funk
Track length:4:07 (album/7" version) and 8:22 (12" version)

Piano cover

Bad - Michael Jackson video tutorial preview

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