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The House Of The Rising Sun free piano sheet music by The Animals

About the song

You know that good music will never die. It remains ever present in the hearts of those who are lovers of beauty.

So, the song "The House Of The Rising Sun" by The Animals it's a true example that shows that the music have no expiration date.

Released and recorded in the year 1964, the song is a traditional folk ballad that makes even today to thrill the sensitive souls.

Since its release, "The House Of The Rising Sun" was number one in the tops of United Kingdom , the United States, Sweden, Finland, and Canada and not only.

Even now, 50 years after its release, the song raise millions of views on YouTube and it's present in the current good music tops. The song was released on the album titled "The Animals".

If you are tired of the current music which is characterized by quality, then download for free the piano sheet of the song "The House Of The Rising Sun" by The Animals. This song will be a real infusion of quality and taste that will give you a good feeling and it will encourage you to listen to whenever you need a moment of relaxation.

Because the nature of this song's musical genre, the true author of "The House Of The Rising Sun" is uncertain. This is the case with many classic folk ballads.

Some musicologists argue that the foundation of this song resides on the tradition of broadside ballads.

Such ballads may be The Unfortunate Rake of the 18th century. Other theory was that English emigrants took the song to America where it was adapted to its later New Orleans setting.

The Animals' member Alan Price, stated that the origin of the song is an English folk song about a Soho brothel from the sixteenth-century.

The House Of The Rising Sun
Artists:The Animals
Writers:Trad., arranged by Alan Price
Producer:Mickie Most
Released:19 June 1964 (UK)
Album:The Animals
Labels:Columbia Graphophone DB7301 (UK) and MGM 13264 (U.S.)
Genre:Blues rock, folk rock
Track length:4:29 (full - UK) and 2:58 (edited - U.S. original)

Piano cover

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