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Dangerous Woman free piano sheet music by Ariana Grande

About the song

"Dangerous Woman" is the lead song of Ariana Grande's third album with the same name.

The song is a beautiful mix of Rhythm and Blues with Pop. This makes it an awesome piano score. Feel free to download the free piano sheets for Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman.

With a length of nearly 4 minutes, the song was conceived and translated to art by Ross Golan, Johan Carlsson and Max Martin. The last two are also the producers of Dangerous Woman.

March 11, 2016 was the first date in which the song was available for download on the iTunes Store as a digital download pre-order of the album.

A few days later, on March 15, 2016, the song reached officially the US contemporary hit and rhythmic radio.

"Dangerous Woman" is a midtempo pop and R&B song with an arena rock chorus and a guitar solo during its bridge. This combination is perfect for piano playing. Dangerous Woman's piano notes were beautifully transcribed into marvelous piano sheets which you can download for free.

Empowerment and confidence in a relationship are only of the two ideas that the song transpires into us. The main idea is that a woman's partner can bring out the best or the worst parts of her.

Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman reached top ten in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This is the artists' 5th song to have this performance.

"Dangerous Woman" has a 6
time signature that "falls neatly at the intersection of bubblegum and rock and roll, " while having an "arena rock chorus" and a guitar solo in its bridge. The song is performed in the key of E minor, while the tempo of the song swings at a rate of 45 beats per minute. Grande's vocal range in the song is from B3 to B5. This will surely bring the life into a party if played properly on the piano. For that, download the free piano score for "Dangerous Woman" by Ariana Grande and start practicing your skills.

In an interview, Ariana Grande explained the meaning of her song:

This song is about an empowered woman who meets another person that brings out a different side of her and it's her decision to put her fears aside and explore these new feelings or not. It's about letting someone into your life in an intimate or vulnerable way and not letting that take away from your independence or your strength. Whether you choose to fall in love or be intimate with someone or share any part of yourself with someone, that doesn't take away from your person. The song 'Dangerous Woman' is about choice and empowerment and strength and romance and as a person, as a character, as a persona, 'Dangerous Woman' is a fearless, honest, no bullshit superhuman and I think all of us have her inside of us and it's just a matter of when we decide to let her out.

Now feel free to indulge in the free piano sheets of Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman. Praise the song's piano notes and don't forget to share it with your friends!

Dangerous Woman
Artist:Ariana Grande
Producers:Max Martin, Johan Carlsson
Released:March 11, 2016
Album:Dangerous Woman
Writers:Ross Golan, Johan Carlsson, Max Martin
Track length:3:55
Genres:Pop, R&B

Piano cover

Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande video tutorial preview

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