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Free piano sheet music from Bill Conti

About Bill Conti

Bill Conti is the name of a composer from the United States, that is also known as a conductor.

His fame is owed to his work on the "Rocky" film and other four sequels from the series. Also, he has worked on the TV series "Dynasty", on "For Your Eyes Only" and on "The Right Stuff". The last from the list made it possible for Conti to receive an Academy Award. "The Right Stuff" won the Best Original Score award.

Conti’s work on the first "Rocky" movie meant another nomination for him.

The song "Gonna Fly Now" from "Rocky" was nominated for the Best Original Song section. The main theme for "For Your Eyes Only" meant another nomination for the Best Original Song award. He has been a musical director for the Academy Awards in nineteen occasions, which represents a record.

Bill Conti has both Italian and American origins and was born in Rhode Island’s Providence. He attended the high school from North Miami and he finished it in the year 1959. The Miami Herald have provided him with the Silver Knight Award. He has graduated from the Louisiana State University, but he was a student at the Juilliard School as well.

The year 1976 meant his first serious work, for the movie that was going to be called "Rocky". It was meant to be a small project for the United Artists. The movie had huge success, part of it being because of Conti’s work on the song "Gonna Fly Now". In 1977, this song reached the top of the Billboard charts for singles.

The film won three Oscars and made Conti known as a wonderful music composer. He has been hired to work on other movies from the series. In 1979, he worked on "Rocky II". Three years later, he was hired again for "Rocky III". In 1990, he came back to the series by working on "Rocky V". The year 2006 meant another one, titled "Rocky Balboa".

He is also known for his work in 1983 on the movie "The Terry Fox Story", which was the first one from HBO. He was also hired to provide music for "Mass Appeal" and "Bad Boys". In 1985, he wrote music for the 1985 television series "North and South". He has been hired for the movie "The Karate Kid" and later for the action film "Masters of the Universe".

In 1987, he also provided music scores for the movie "Happy New Year".

Bill Conti
Birth name:William "Bill" Conti
Born:April 13, 1942 In Providence, Rhode Island
Genres:Film Score, Disco.
Years active:1969–present
Occupations:Composer, Conductor
Parents:- Lucetta
- William Conti

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