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I Knew You Were Trouble free piano sheet music by Taylor Swift

About the song

A suave and powerful voice at the same time, will attract attention and convince you to become her fan.

So it was in the case of the beautiful and talented artist Taylor Swift.

She knew how to win fans with his wonderful voice and through through her's decent appearances.

Swift became very popular with the help of the song "I knew You Were Trouble" which appeared in 2012 on her fourth studio album album titled "Red".

This song was composed by Taylor Swift, along with help from Max Martin and Shellback.

"I knew You Were Trouble" was produced by Martin and Shellback.

With this song, the artist became viral on the internet.

"I Knew You Were Trouble"'s music video raised millions of views on YouTube, being considered one of the most watched song on the YouTube in 2013.

The song is entertaining and has greatly glue to the public. It won the hearts of music lovers worldwide. Certainly, if you listen this song once, you always humming it.

If You like the song "I Knew You Were Trouble" to the pretty and talented singer Taylor Swift, then download your sheet for this song.

Let good music to flooding your soul and send it along. The song was released on the 27th of November 2012.

It's an electropop song and it has a track length of 3 minutes and 30 seconds. It was released under the umbrella of Big Machine Records label.

The song was an international success. It charted very well on multiple international musical charts and tops. It peaked first position in some billboards and musical charts around the world, such as on the US Adult Top 40 (Billboard), Canada Hot AC (Billboard) or Czech Republic (IFPI).

I Knew You Were Trouble
Artist:I Knew You Were Trouble
Producers:Max Martin And Shellback
Released:November 27, 2012
Label:Big Machine
Track length:3:40

Piano cover

I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift video tutorial preview

Free sheet music list for download

11 versions available.
If you find a broken link, please contact us asap!

  • 1 Version 1
  • 2 Version 2
  • 3 Version 3 - Alto Sax
  • 4 Version 4 - Bassoon
  • 5 Version 5 - Baritone Saxophone
  • 6 Version 6 - Baritone BC
  • 7 Version 7 - Tenor Saxophone
  • 8 Version 8 - Baritone TC
  • 9 Version 9 - Clarinet
  • 10 Version 10 - Bb Tuba
  • 11 Version 11

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