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If This Was A Movie free piano sheet music by Taylor Swift

About the song

"If This Was A Movie" is a song by the singer Taylor Swift.

The track belongs on her third studio album "Speak Now" released on October 25th 2010.

The song was published on November 8th 2011. "If This Was A Movie's" lyrics were written by Taylor Swift, while the producer of the song was Nathan Chapman.

"If This Was A Movie" free piano sheet music can be very relaxing when played properly, having a motionless rhythm. The piano tabs of "If This Was A Movie" for the chorus of the song are as follow: G, A, Bm, D, A, Bm, A.

The meaning of the song is expressing the regret and pain that is felt after someone is gone from your life. Somehow the song could be about a break up between two lovers. In the first verse Taylor sings about the fact that even after so much time had passed, her lover is still in her mind after six months:

Even though I know you're not there

I was playing back a thousand memories, baby

Thinking 'bout everything we've been through

In the chorus she is begging him to come back and she claims that this could be happening "if this was a movie". She wants this relationship pretty hard saying that

I know that we could work it out somehow

But if this was a movie you'd be here by now

On the second verse she remembers the things he said to her, while she is "chasing down" him on the street

Flashback to the night when you said to me,

Nothing's gonna change, not for me and you,

Not before I knew how much I had to lose

The piano sheet music for "If This Was A Movie" can be found in the original arrangement and it can and also be transposed to any other key. The song's length is 3 minutes and 54 seconds. "If This Was A Movie" piano score is a great way to perform piano lessons.

The song got popular and also reached top positions in renowned charts in different countries like: No. 17 in Canada, No. 191 in U.K., and No. 10 in U.S.

If This Was A Movie
Artist:Taylor Swift
Producers:Nathan Chapman, Taylor Swift
Released:8 November 2011
Album:Speak Now
Label:Big Machine
Writer:Taylor Swift
Track length:3:54
Genres:Country pop

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