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Back to December free piano sheet music by Taylor Swift

About the song

First of all, Taylor Swift is a musical sensation among the teenagers of nowadays.

Started as a country singer, she became famous by performing songs that became hits in different countries all over world, as Love Story or Back to December.

As the time passed, Taylor changed the musical style: at the beginning, she sang country music, but later she mixed-up country with pop, resulting the song Back to December.

Swift wrote the lyrics and with the help of the producer Nathan Chapman, she released the track in 2010. The song belongs to the third album that Taylor released, Speak Now.

As far as that goes the lyrics, they represent a direct addressing to an ex-lover. Some people say that behind those lyrics is hidden the love story between Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, but none of them confirmed that.

Having a love theme, this song enjoyed a great success and it received only positive reviews from the critics. Also, the song was considered the principal hit of the album. The brilliance of this song is represented by the touching message. Each one of us was touched by the thrill of love and maybe that’s the reason why Taylor’s song enters so quickly in the auditor’s hearts.

The music video presents parallel the two ex-lovers, in a cold day of winter. The impact and the effects of the memories are exposed through the medium of the snow flakes.

With the help of Yoann Lemoine, Taylor realized an expressive video that received positive reviews through his narrative character. Besides that, there are various live interpretations on the internet.

The relaxing melodic line ensures the notoriety of the song. There are many bands that were inspired by this melody, therefore they made different acoustic versions.

Alongside those bands, we were also inspired to create the piano sheet in order to provide the continuity of this memorable love ballad.

The commercial success of this song is proven by the awards Taylor received: the song was on the number six scale of US Billboard Hot 100, number seven in Canada’s musical chart, number three in Billboard Hot Country Songs and multiple worldwide classifications.

Back to December
Artist:Taylor Swift
Producer:Swift, Nathan Chapman
Released:November 15, 2010
Album:Speak Now
Label:Big Machine
Writer:Taylor Swift
Track length:4:54
Genre:Country Pop

Piano cover

Back to December - Taylor Swift video tutorial preview

Free sheet music list for download

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