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Lego House free piano sheet music by Ed Sheeran

About the song

British singer Ed Sheeran has become for good one of the most known names of the moment, his beautiful songs being heard everywhere.

One of these beautiful creations that wear his name is "Lego House", song that is known as the third one included on his debut album.

This single was released on February 11, 2013 in the US, and, seemed to receive positive feedback even in the very beginning. The ones that contributed in the creation of such a great piece were Jake Gosling, Chris Leonard and, of course, Sheeran.

They also brought his talent into the creation process. The producer was Jake Gosling.

With and through "Lego House", Ed succeeded in having a song that made the playlist of BBC Radio 2. It also placed Sheeran on position number 5 on the UK Singles Chart, which is not so easy to get to and there is also worth to mention the well done remix made by P Money, which was also appreciated by fans.

Numerous fans and experts in the field of music claim that there is not only the voice that the singer charms people with, especially girls, but also the beautiful vocals, which range from Bb3 to G5, the song being written in the key of B major. A great voice, accompanied by a soft guitar, a gentle piano and the well fitted words have made possible the creation of a unique song, "Lego House".

The video is also remarkable, filmed at the University of Hertfordshire, which has as central actor Rupert Grint, one of the main actors in Harry Potter. This video has been published in October 2011 on Sheeran’s YouTube channel. It presents a nice short story that is centered on the obsession that Rupert has for Sheeran, at the end of the video being presented the obvious image of an obsessed fan that sleeps next to a hand made doll which has Ed’s face.

Recommended for any moments in time, being happy or sad, for any moment of the day, morning or afternoon, this song reveals lots of hidden aspects of our mind.

It can be remixed, re-shaped, you can try its "Lego House" free piano sheet, but one thing is for sure: its quality remains no matter what. It will probably remain in fans’ minds for a long period of time.

Lego House
Artist:Ed Sheeran
Producer:Jake Gosling
Released:11 November 2011
Label:Warner Music Group
Writer:Sheeran, Chris Leonard, Jake Gosling
Track length:3:05

Piano cover

Lego House - Ed Sheeran video tutorial preview

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