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Free piano sheet music from Cinematic Orchestra

About Cinematic Orchestra

The Cinematic Orchestra is the name of a music group that occupies itself with genres such as nu jazz, trip hop or downtempo.

This electronic music project has been started in the year 1999 by its main member, Jason Swinscoe. They have worked with label Domino before switching over to an independent one called Ninja Tune. The band consists of Jason Swinscoe, turntable Patrick Carpenter, saxophone player Tom Chant, drummer Luke Flowers, pianist Nick Ramm, Phil France for double bass and guitarist Stuart McCallum.

The group has once included other members, such as trumpet player Jamie Coleman, drummers Federico Ughi and T. Daniel Howard, piano player Alex James, as well as Clean Sadness, who operated the synthesizer. McCallum is the last member to be added to the group. Patrick Carpenter and Jason Swinscoe have worked together before for a project called Neptune.

The sound of The Cinematic Orchestra is that of a live interpretation, featuring turntable elements and other electronic music vibes, as well as samples by Jason Swinscoe. Jason is also known for remixing their live performances, making their studio releases have an electronica influence, as well as a jazz improvisation vibe.

Jason Swinscoe started off in 1990 when he created a group named "Crabladder".

He had his own label called "Power Tools" and he managed to get a single out. In 1994 though, he became a DJ for the radio station Heart FM, from south London. The year 1999 meant their first album as the group The Cinematic Orchestra. It was titled "Motion" and it had great success. This release made them gather attention and were invited to sing at the Director’s Guild Awards.

They were then asked to write a musical score for a classic movie. That movie was the one from 1929, titled "Man with a Movie Camera". The work meant a live interpretation as well, so they started a tour with this film score. An album with the movie’s name was released, where the soundtrack for the movie was included.

Their next album was called "Every Day" and much of the work for "Man with a Movie Camera" was included on it. The album ranked at place 54 on the UK Albums Chart, in the year 2002.

In 2006, they covered a song from Radiohead, called "Exit Music (For a Film)".

It was featured on the album "Exit Music: Songs with Radio Heads". Their next album was released in 2007 and was titled "Ma Fleur". They are also known for their work for the movie "The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos".

Cinematic Orchestra
Lineup:- Jason Swinscoe
- Phil France
- Luke Flowers
- Tom Chant
- Nick Ramm
- Stuart McCallum
Genres:Electronica, Nu Jazz, Downtempo, Acid Jazz,
Years active:1999-present
Labels:Domino Records, Ninja Tune

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