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Free piano sheet music from James Bond 007

About James Bond 007

James Bond 007 is the name of a fictional man, a character written by Ian Flemming in the year 1953.

This character was used in the creation of a number of twelve books(novels) and even two collections of short stories. Fleming, the author of James Bond, died in 1964, but that hasn’t stopped the evolution of James Bond. Starting with Kingsley Amis, several authors have continued the heritage of 007. Novels and novelizations followed by John Gardner, Sebastian Faulks, Christopher Wood, William Boyd and Jeffery Deaver.

The character of James Bond was even imagined as a youngster, in a series written by Charlie Higson.

A side character from the original James Bond story, Moneypenny, was also the target of an author. Kate Westbrook wrote a total of 3 books inspired from Moneypenny’s writings in her personal diary, according to the story. The "007" comes from the code of a Secret Service agent and is read like this: "double O seven".

This book character soon became used in television or comics, and even radio or video games. A long film series started due to this character, in the year 1962 having its film debut. "Dr. No" it was called and it featured actor Sean Connery as James Bond, the 007 agent. The Eon Productions totaled a number of 23 such movies in its series.

The year 2012 has meant the creation of Skyfall, the most recent film from the James Bond series. Actor Daniel Craig was featured as the main character, the Secret Service agent called James Bond, code name 007. Craig has therefore become the sixth actor to interpret the character of Bond.

Aside from the 23 films, there have been 2 movies that have been produced and released as independent.

First of all, there was the 1967 version, "Casino Royale". In 1983, a remake of "Thunderball" got released, titled "Never Say Never Again". The name Bond dates to the year 1953, when it was included in the "Casino Royale" novel.

The James Bond movies are known for many features, one of them being the soundtracks and the wonderful main themes. In some occasions, the theme songs have been nominated for Academy Awards. The initial theme for a James Bond movie has been written by Monty Norman.

The music was included for the 1962 production titled "Dr. No" and featured the John Barry Orchestra. Names that have produced for the James Bond themes are Paul McCartney, Carly Simon, Sheena Easton and Adele.

James Bond 007
First appearance:Casino Royale, 1953 Novel
Last appearance:Solo, 2013 Novel
Created by:Ian Fleming
Genres:Film Score, Soundtrack

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