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Candle in the Wind free piano sheet music by Elton John

About the song

The song "Candle in the Wind" by Elton John and Bernie Taupin was written in 1973 as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe.

"Candle in the Wind" was featured on the album "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road", which was released in the same year.

The title and also the lyric that is repeated for many times - Candle in the Wind - is expressing the short life that Marilyn lived.

Elton John is expressing also the regrets he feels for not knowing her

And I would liked to have known you

But I was just a kid

"Candle in the Wind" piano sheet music is composed in the original key of E major. The song starts with a nostalgic line "Goodbye, Norma Jeane".

Here you will find sheet music of "Candle in the Wind" for piano and keyboard. The sheet music of "Candle in the Wind" is ranged for B3-G5 for vocal and E2-A5 for piano.

Aside from Elton John, the song includes also features three well known artists: Davey Johnstone (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals), Dee Murray (bass, backing vocals) and Nigel Olsson (drums, backing vocals).

As it got very popular, the song became No. 11 in the UK charts in 1974.

A live version of the song was recorded in Sydney, Australia, on December 14th 1986. The live version was released on another album titled "Live in Australia with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra", which was available to the public in 1987. One year later, it reached number five on the UK Singles Chart and number six on the US Billboard Hot 100 music chart.

In 1988 the live version was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Performance.

When John made the rewritten version, in 1997, as a tribute for Diana, Princess of Wales, the first line changed from "Goodbye Norma Jean" to "Goodbye England's Rose". This version also got very popular and it got on the first position in music charts in many countries. It can be told that the 1997’s version had a bigger success than the original version.

Many artists and bands made covers of the soft rock song, including Sandy Danny, David Tayler, Wing or Ed Sheeran.

"Candle in the Wind" piano tabs are available on our website for you to download. They're available for anyone who would like to play the song.

Candle in the Wind
Artist:Elton John
Producer:Gus Dudgeon
Album:Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Labels:DJM, MCA
Writers:Elton John, Bernie Taupin
Track length:3:50
Genre:Soft Rock

Piano cover

Candle in the Wind - Elton John video tutorial preview

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