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Love on the Brain free piano sheet music by Rihanna

About the song

"Love on the Brain" is a song by Rihanna released with the support of the producer and writer Fred Ball in 2014.

The lyrics were written with the contribution of Rihanna and Joseph Angel. It belongs on Rihanna’s album "Anti" from 2016. The track was recorded in 2015, and in August 2016 Rihanna has informed her fans on the Instagram account that the track will be on her next album "Anti".

The waiting was over on September 27th 2016, when the single got released.

The key of G major is the one for the free piano sheet music of "Love on the Brain". The track has a tempo of 57 beats per minute.

The track is inspired from the ‘50s and ‘60s. You can notice the absolutely amazing voice of the artist, due to the variety of notes Rihanna sings, from low to very high.

The meaning of the song can be easily seen and understood. She is singing about a relationship that doesn’t seem to be a healthy one. She actually got us to feel the violence and also the toxic love she has been through.

In the first verse the lyric

And I tried to buy your pretty heart, but the price too high

can suggest that she really wanted his love but on the other hand for that thing to happen she had to sacrifice too much.

The toxic relationship and the possibility of violence is expressed in the lyrics:

You love when I fall apart

So you can put me together

And throw me against the wall

it might not be a physically violence, it also could be an emotionally overcontrol that his lover has over her.

On the second verse, the lyric

I’m tired of being played like a violin

is somehow telling that she was used by her lover, and what she was feeling. After that, she asks what she has to do to get his heart. It is obviously that she got tired of the relationship, but she is still hanging on and looking for answers to get his love.

"Love on the Brain" free piano sheet is in compound 12/8 quadruple time. The chord progression used in it is G–Am–Em–D. The voice range is D3-G5. The score for "Love on the Brain" is suitable for piano, vocals and chords.

The track got really popular. It's been played in Grey's Anatomy season 12. It got in top in New Zealand and in U.S Billboard Hot 100 on top positions.

"Love on the Brain" piano tabs are a great way to improve your piano skills, especially the chords progression.

Love on the Brain
Producers:Kuk Harrell, Fred Ball
Released:27 September 2016
Labels:Roc Nation, Westbury Road
Track length:3:44
Genres:Doo-wop, Soul

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Love on the Brain - Rihanna video tutorial preview

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