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Wooden Heart free piano sheet music by Elvis Presley

About the song

"Wooden Heart" is a song by the music legend Elvis Presley.

The song is also known as - "Muss i denn" lit. Must I then.

This song that was made famous by Elvis Presley in the early 60's. It was written by many artists: Bert Kaempfert, Fred Wise, Kay Twomey and Ben Weisman.

Elvis used the song for his movie "G.I. Blues". It has a short duration, of only 2:03 minutes and it became a huge success for the singer. He recorded it on April 28th, 1960 and initially released it in the United Kingdom.

It topped the UK Singles Chart for six weeks, even before being released in the United States. The USA launching of the single came only in 1964, three years later, and it had "Blue Christmas" as a B-Side.

The following year, he offered a live performance of the song at the Hilton Hotel, from Las Vegas. Elvis Presley also included the song on the album "Dinner At Eight", as the original live recording.

The track has two sections in German, one at the beginning, "Muss i' denn zum Stadtele hinaus", and the other one, at the end, "Sei mir gut, sei mir gut, sei mir wie du wirklich sollst, wie du wirklich sollst".

The British version was produced by Steve Sholes and it's B-Side was "Tonigh Is All Right For Love".

"Wooden Heart's" origins are in a German folk song, titled "Muss i' denn zum Stadtele hinaus", from Friedrich Silcher. It comes from Southwest Germany, the Rems Valley, in Wurttemberg. The two sections in German from Presley's version are actually lyrics from the original folk song.

Before Elvis' cover, the song was recorded in German by Marlene Dietrich, in 1959, and released it as a B-Side for her song "Lili Marlene".

Another version was recorded by Bobby Vinton, in 1975, in Polish. A version in Spanish was made by Marco T. y Los Gatos Montaneros, which was released in 1987's Columbia. A more recent cover was made in 1995 by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, for the box set disc, "Playback".

"Wooden Heart" was covered by many artists since it initially topped the UK Singles Chart, but it stayed on the audience's preferences for decades.

The song can be beautifully played at the piano.

Wooden Heart's free piano sheet is available below. Stay tuned for more sheets and fresh songs!

Wooden Heart
Artist:Elvis Presley
Writers:Fred Wise, Ben Weisman, Kay Twomey, Bert Kaempfert
Album:G.I. Blues
Track length:2:03
Also known as:"Muss i denn" lit. Must I then
Origin:Muss i' denn zum Stadtele hinaus (by Friedrich Silcher)

Piano cover

Wooden Heart - Elvis Presley video tutorial preview

Free sheet music list for download

4 versions available.
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  • 1 Vocal duet in the key of C
  • 2 In the key of D
  • 3 Vocal duet in the key of F
  • 4 Version 4

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