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Free piano sheet music from Miley Cyrus

About Miley Cyrus

Even though her real name is Destiny Hope Cyrus, everybody knows her nowadays as Miley Ray Cyrus, born in Tennessee, the United States.

She is an exceptional young artist, who started her shining career since she was a little child, but had a spectacular evolution along with her advance in years.

Miley Cyrus' music that she offers us reflects her unique style, her capacity of making herself both liked and hated, her impossible to ignore qualities that differentiate her in the music industry.

Most of people have started watching her every move since she started acting in the role of Hannah Montana in the TV series with similar name and also from her performance in the movie "The Last Song".

Her career as a solo artist started in 2007, when the young girl launched her first album, called "Meet Miley Cyrus", on July 23rd. The above mentioned album included the hit "See You Again", which met a high success in the worldwide music industry.

Growing up, the singer started to feel more and more attracted to music than before, according to her statements from that period, so that during only one year she set the basis of her second album, released on July 22, 2008, under the name "Breakout".

The sheet music from this album is amazing. If the first one was released under the franchise of "Hannah Montana", the second one did not use this anymore. Both of them debuted on the first position in the Billboard 200, thing that raised her even more in the public and critics view.

Due to this large amount of appreciation expressed by people all over the world, she started to promote it and visit countries, meet fans and build, step by step, a strong career.

After the tour in 2007, called "Best of Both Worlds Tour", in 2009 came her second one, "Wonder World Tour", which also served as source for many covers.

Besides her performances for her own albums, Miley interpreted the voice of Penny from the movie "Bolt" and also the song "I Thought I Lost You" used for the soundtrack of the film with John Travolta, receiving for it a Golden Globe nominalization.

Inspired by the TV series "Hanna Montana", there was also created the "Hanna Montana" movie, launched on the film market on 10th of April, 2009, in the United States.

More and more famous every day at global level, Miley was placed on the top of Time magazine, among the Most Influential 100 People in the World. Moreover, the Forbes magazine included her in the Celebrity 100 Top, on the position 35, due to her sales of over $25 million in 2008 and on the 29th position on the same top, but one year later.

Her music represents more than beautiful sounds. The songs tell stories about life, having the power to create some flashlights focusing on some of her life most important aspects.

It did not happen only once for her to sustain the fact that her songs tell the story of her life, of some experiences and feelings. She performed songs that described her evolution not only as a singer, but also as a person.

She started to show a maturing image since her extended play "The Time of Our Lives", in 2009, on which was included the song "Party in the U.S.A.", which was successful, presenting an energetic person, showing her age and lively personality. This was followed, during the same year, as another element that contributed to the transition she suffered, aiming to become a mature person, by her starring in the coming-of-age film "The Last Song".

This day and age, meaning this very actual moment, present Miley passing through not so easy and comfortable moments, the press stipulating numerous things about her family and other problems, but a thing is known for sure: she is talented, she has that shining part that will never disappear, no matter what, she built a past and she has a future.

Her songs also make us get deeper to understand our own feelings, no matter if we can be tamed or not.

Miley Cyrus
Birth name:Destiny Hope Cyrus
Born:November 23, 1992 in Nashville, Tennessee
Genres:Pop, Country, Rock, Hip Hop
Occupations:Actress, Singer, Songwriter
Instruments:Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Years active:2006 - present
Labels:Walt Disney, Hollywood, RCA
Parents:-Billy Ray Cyrus
-Tish Cyrus
Discography:-Meet Miley Cyrus (2007)
-Breakout (2008)
-Can't Be Tamed (2010)
-Bangerz (2013)
Filmography:-Bolt (2008)
-Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009)
-The Last Song (2010)
-So Undercover (2011)
-LOL (2012)
-Miley: The Movement (2013)

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Laura 29 September 2015 at 08:49 #1

go Miley! keep up the good work guys. I love you!