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Free piano sheet music from U2

About U2

U2 is a successful band formed in Dublin in September 1976.

The members of U2 are Paul Hewson (Bono), David Evans (the Edge), Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen, Jr.

It all started when Larry Mullen, Jr. was only a 14 years old child who posted a note at the school telling that he is searching for musicians for a new band. In March 1977, the band was named "The Hype". Later they chose the name U2.

Saint Patrick's Day in 1978 was a memorable day for the band U2, who won a talent show in Limerick. The award had consisted of £500.

Not long time after that, the band signed a three year contract with CBS Ireland, which led to the release of the first record in September 1979.

The band had performed in London in December 1979. It was their first show outside Ireland, their native country. The second single "Another Day" was released on the CBS label, but only for the Irish market, in February 1980.

The band really seemed to be in ascendancy and in March 1980 Island Records signed U2. Their first international single "11 O'Clock Tick Tock" was released in May, followed by the debut album named "Boy", released in October. The album included the single "I Will Follow", U2's first United States hit single.

One year later, the second album named "October" was out.

U2 released "War" in February 1983.

"The Joshua Tree" was their fifth album and was released on March 1987. It can be told that the album was their greatest, as it was the fastest-selling album in UK. The album was also in the top of the Billboard 200 chart in U.S. for nine weeks. "With or Without You" and "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", tracks from the album, became number-one hits in the US and also gave the band a high reputation.

The piano sheet music of U2's track "With or Without You" is composed in the key D major. U2's score for the track "With or Without You" is available for piano, keyboard and guitar. The song is written in a 4/4 time signature and played at a tempo of 110 beats per minute. The sheet music for the song "With or Without You" is ranged from Bb3 to Eb6.

New surprises were coming for fans in October 1988, when the band released a double album and a theatrically documentary film, in which is captured the band’s experiences on the Joshua Tree Tour, under the name "Rattle and Hum".

A new album was released in 1991 named "Achtung Baby". This album was different from the rest. It had a different sound from their other albums, like the one that their fans got used to.

The band U2 returned in the 21st century and they still have a successful career. It is well known that the members are involved in charities and helping people activities in different groups as Live Aid, Bono's DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade in Africa) campaign, and Music Rising.

U2's piano sheets and tabs are available online for download on our website, for everyone who would like to play their songs.

Members:- Bono
- The Edge
- Adam Clayton
- Larry Mullen Jr.
Origin:Dublin, Ireland
Genre:Alternative Rock, Post-Punk, Rock
Years Active:1976–present
Labels:Interscope, Island, Mercury

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