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Free piano sheet music from Frederich Chopin

About Frederich Chopin

Frédéric François Chopin was born on the 1st of March 1810 in Poland and became the unequalled leading musician of his era, being one of the most appreciated pianists this world has ever seen.

The young Chopin first started his musical education and early compositions in Warsaw, his native city that he ends up leaving in the year 1830, moving to Paris and settling down there.

His income was made of selling piano sheets with his compositions and piano teaching, obtaining his official citizenship in 1835, never to return to Poland again.

Through his long-lasting friendship with Robert Schumann, Chopin managed to gather some attention from the public, giving his debut concert on the 26th of February 1832. Needless to say the performance had an outstanding success managing to gather appreciation world-wide. However, Chopin deeply disliked giving public performances and after establishing himself among the Parisian elite, he started publishing his works and giving piano lessons to wealthy students all across Europe.

Regarding his romantic life, the Polish pianist is best known for his tumultuous relationship with the French writer George Sand. Moreover, his most prolific composing period was an unsuccessful trip to Majorca with Sand, due to the artist’s poor and degrading health.

They continued their relationship up until 1847, after that the two never meeting again, although in the latest years the writer became not only a lover, but also more of a nurse for Chopin who needed constant medical attention.

His music survived through the centuries. With influencers like Mozart, Bach and Schubert, Chopin’s repertoire is centered around the piano, it being the main instrument in all of his works of art.

From ballads, to sonatas, nocturnes (that he brought to a complete new level of sophistication) and waltzes, all of his pieces are of great complexity and depth.

After a long battle with numerous illnesses the great Frédéric Chopin dies on the 17th of October 1849. His funeral was an event of astonishing proportions, over 3000 people from all over Europe coming to pay their respects to the musical genius.

Around 230 works of his remained until today. Curious to follow in his footsteps for a while? Just click on the link below and you will find a great number of his piano sheets, tabs and scores to help you with that!

Frederich Chopin
Birth Name:Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin
Born:1 March 1810 in ┼╗elazowa Wola, Poland
Died:17 October 1849
Genre:Solo piano
Occupations:Virtuoso pianist, Composer
Instrument:Solo piano
Years Active:1838-1849

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