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Free piano sheet music from Michael Giacchino

About Michael Giacchino

Even though his name might suggest he is of another nationality, Michael Giacchino is American and he is one of the most known composers of many scores not only for films, but also for video games or TV series, among them being "Lost", "Star Trek", "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes", "Jurassic World" and many, many others.

All the work that he has been doing during his remarkable career, has received numerous appreciations and also material prizes from the professionals of the field, including an Emmy, numerous Grammys, an Academy Award and also a Golden Globe Award.

Talking about his name, it is not a coincidence, though, considering that his mother went to America from Abruzzo in Southern Italy. His father came from Sicily. But Michael Giacchino was born in New Jersey, where he grew and finished his studies in 1986. These is the explanation for his double citizenship: both American and Italian, and maybe also the explanation for his rich creativity and diversity in activities.

Since an early age, Michael discovered his passion to match music to images. He was only 10 years old when he started working on a project in his basement, trying to create a soundtrack. Then, when he grew up and he was in high school, he had a great mentor, who helped discover his deep skills and the relationship between him and music. The mentor talked to his parents to help him follow the School of Visual Arts in New York City. This was the basis of his future career.

In addition to the soundtracks mentioned above, which are part of a much longer list, there should be mentioned another important collaboration that the artist had, this time with Walt Disney, in order to create the soundtrack for the new version of "Space Mountain at Disneyland", "Space Mountain: Mission 2 at Disneyland Paris", and "Space Mountain at Hong Kong Disneyland".

His music is also played in "Star Tours: The Adventure Continues", also registering a high success, due to the well-defined notes and good fitted keys.

All in all, not forgetting to mention that in 2009 he was asked to lead the Academy Awards orchestra for the 81st Academy Awards and that he had a great collaboration with Paramount Pictures, Michael Giacchino built step by step an amazing career and name since he was a little boy, proving his talent and also his ambition to follow his dreams.

It is worth to mention that many of his melodies can easily be played by piano, or you would have tried to play some anyway?

Michael Giacchino
Born:1968, in New Jersey, US
Genres:Film Scores, Soundtracks
Years Active:1994–present

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