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Boston free piano sheet music by Augustana

About the song

No matter if you have or not any knowledge or you are passionate about piano or rock, because you will probably fall in love with "Boston", a song that belongs to the American rock band Augustana, which combines piano and rock in an amazing way.

The song was included in their album "All the Stars and Boulevards" in 2005, even though it was produced two years before that moment. The producers of the soft song was initially Jon King, for "Midwest Skies and Sleepless Mondays", but then Brendan O’Brien took the chair of producer, for the above-mentioned album.

Besides the high quality of the voice and instruments used, especially piano, the lyrics and the message which fitted many hearts worldwide, the music video was also appreciated. The first images show Dan Layus playing piano chords as a professional, on a blue-grey beach, then all the members appear on the same beach, living the song and playing the instruments. The importance of the fascinating piano sound is emphasized by other numerous pianos that are abandoned on the beach.

The dedication and feelings of the artists are strong, thing shown also by the images with the level of the water increasing and them continuing to sing. At the end, there are shown only the instrument that remain in the lonely landscape.

"Boston" was played in the Season 1 of the famous "The Big Bang Theory", one of the main characters expressing his appreciation for the song. Another remarkable thing was its apparition in "Scrubs" and "A Warrior’s Heart"

The lyrics are, undoubtedly, the elements of the song that are attractive and even more than that, loved, by numerous fans.

They are about love, a girl and about leaving the past behind, but all in all, they are about aiming to live a healthier life from an emotional point of view, somewhere far from familiar people. The voice of the main vocalist, Dan, perfectly fits the message and the piano atmosphere, accompanied by a powerful guitar, covers everything in mystery and deep feelings.

All these being said, there is no doubt that "Boston" is the most famous song played by Augustana, which you can play, using the video and the free piano sheet that are put at your disposal.

Regardless the moment and the place, the song would get deep to your soul. It just needs to be played once to win your heart.

Producers:Brendan O'Brien, Jon King
Album:All the Stars and Boulevards
Track length:4:06
Genre:Pop Rock

Piano cover

Boston - Augustana video tutorial preview

Free sheet music list for download

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