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Free piano sheet music from Augustana

About Augustana

The American rock band called Augustana was formed in San Diego, California.

Their history is worth to be known, but more important is their career, which is mostly known worldwide due to their famous song "Boston". The founders, meaning Dan Layus, Josiah Rosen, Kyle Baker, and Simeon Lohrmann, started playing music with the song song "More than a Love Song", written by Dan dedicated to his girlfriend, who was as young as himself, being both high-school students, in Greenville College, Illinois.

Many people that know them, qualify their name as unusual, but few of them know that they initially wanted to name the band The Looking Glass, but unfortunately for them, the name was already taken by another band. So they were inspired to choose Augustana. And they kept it. Their first full album was released in 2003, "Midwest Skies and Sleepless Mondays", recorded where Jon King was living but it did not register a noticeable success, considering the fact that no more than 1000 copies of it were produced and, consequently, sold.

During the same year, other 25 copies of the "Mayfield EP" were recorded and released. Then, one of the founders and members, Dan, wanted to move to Southern California again, thing decided also by Josiah Rosen. They did as decided and after meeting drummer Justin South, the band started accompanying numerous famous artists and bands, like Maroon 5, The Fray, Goo Goo Dolls, One Republic and many others. Besides those tours, the band also had their own ones, which contributed to the recognition of their name by the public.

Their evolution continued up to present, which is also important to be mentioned. They kept part of their style, they notes and it seemed they built their key to success. In 2014, Augustana announced the fans through their Facebook Official page, the conclusion of a contract with Washington Square Music, for a multi-album work at an international level. This was associated to a supposed release of a studio album.

Tickets were already on sale. Dan also expressed his excitement about the new label and addressed thanks to the band’s fans. 3 March 2004 was the date when Augustana let people know about their new album, "Life Imitating Life".

As the present times show the band performing well, and considering their dizzy life as a band in the past, Augustana deserves its chance on the market, especially for the fans that are constantly increasing in number.

They play rock, they do it well and if you want to try a piano version of their songs, go ahead. You will find some here.

Members:Dan Layus
Origin:San Diego, California, US
Genres:Rock, Indie Rock, Roots Rock
Years Active:2003–present
Label:Epic, Razor & Tie, Washington Square Music
Past members:- Jared Palomar
- Justin South
- John Vincent
- Josiah Rosen
- Chris Sachtleben

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