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A Step You Can’t Take Back free piano sheet music by Keira Knightley

About the song

New beginnings may sometimes cause fear of unknown and a sense of friction from the people involved.

But sometimes, even though it may be hard to start, the desire to begin again, which seems to be a feature of the brave people, may bring beautiful and awesome new things in the development of your life.

All these being said, they must be put in correlation with the song "A Step You Can’t Take Back", Keira Knightley and the film "Begin Again", due to the relationship between these three elements.

First of all, there is Keira, an awesome British actress, who has the gift of being kind, strong and beautiful and the skills that make her a professional.

Secondly, there is the movie "Begin Again", a comedy – drama, from 2013, which was written by John Carney and has as main character the amazing Keira and Mark Ruffalo. In this movie, Keira is a talented singer and a songwriter, discovered by Ruffalo, thing that make them work together and bring them more and more closer to each other.

Thirdly, there is the remarkable song that is played in the song – "A Step You Can’t Take Back", which is performed by Keira not only in the film, but also outside the movie scenes, in her newly shown musical career, which seems to bring her enough success in order to receive good feedback from the specialists of the field. Talking about the song, it is necessary to mention the fact that it perfectly shapes Keira’s soft voice, all the notes supporting the words, in a great harmony.

The story of the song shapes the idea of a new beginning, the necessity to realize that a person must leave everything behind and open a new horizon in order to see things in a different way.

The song is built in such way that Keira seems to address it to somebody she used to know, whom she gently whispers the words that constitute the lyrics.

Considering that "A Step You Can’t Take Back" is a soft and sentimental song, which creates a calm atmosphere, it is impossible not to imagine it played on a piano, feeling all the touched keys and shared emotions, not forgetting the message behind the melody.

All in all, the three elements mentioned above, could definitely inspire you to play the piano version of the song yourself. And if so, why not trying the free piano sheet that we offer you?

A Step You Can’t Take Back
Artist:Keira Knightley
Released:June 30, 2014
Album:Begin Again Soundtrack
Labels:Polydor Records, ALXNDR, Interscope Records, 222 Records
Track length:3:52
Genres:Film Score, Soundtrack

Piano cover

A Step You Can’t Take Back - Keira Knightley video tutorial preview

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