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Free piano sheet music from Stromae

About Stromae

Paul Van Haver, known as Stromae, is a Belgian singer who was born on 12 March, 1985.

Into the musical area, he presents skills in rap, songwriting and his singular vocal timbre was quickly noticed.

When he was young, Paul had a rough childhood. His mother raised him by herself, but she encouraged him to harness his love for the music and counseled him to play an instrument. Later, Paul attended a Roman Catholic Jesuit school, where he made the first steps into the musical field: at that day and age, alongside his friends, Paul formed a musical rap group.

Another important fact that transformed Paul Van Haver into Stromae was meeting the famous singer and song-writer, Jacques Brel, who helped Paul to escalate in the musical field.

Speaking about the scene name that Paul chose, Stromae is a very interesting alternative. Paul used a practice from the French grammar, named in slang language verlan. This practice represents reading backwards the syllables of a word. Stromae is a verlan version of the word maestro.

Returning to Paul’s ascent into the music industry, when he was 18 years old, he formed a rap group, alongside J.E.D.I. , another rapper. They released a track, Faut que t'arrête le Rap... Ulterior, J.E.D.I. left the group and shortly after, Paul released his first album named Juste un cerveau, un flow, un fond et un mic… His album was well-received by the audience.

Also, his voice attracted musical producers and Paul signed contracts with Because Music and Kilomaître in 2008.

Further, in 2009, Paul worked at a radio station in Brussels, NRJ. While he worked there, a music manager noticed how impressive Paul’s talent was when he heard the song Alors on Dance.

That was a very important moment for Stromae, whose song was broadcasted on the radio in 2010 and earned thousands of fans all over the world, shortly scoring number one in Brussels.

The music manager, Vincent Verbelen, was the one who started Stromae’s international career. The song Alors on Dance was a huge success and it entered into various musical charts in countries like France, Germany, Austria, Italy or Romania.

The fame came almost immediately and on 2nd of September 2010, Stromae made a remix of the song Alors on Dance, alongside the international star Kanye West.

On 14th June 2010, Stromae released his first album, Cheese, with the support of the music corporation Universal Music Group.

The album enjoyed a big success, ranking in different musical charts and having a big number of sales. Ulterior, Stromae released his second album, Racine Carrée, that enjoyed the same conquest.

Therefore, Stromae is a maestro of music. His particular musical style occupied the first positions in the musical charts. Also, his songs are available into piano versions on our website. Take a look over the piano notes!

Birth Name:Paul Van Haver
Born:12 March 1985, In Etterbeek, Brussels, Belgium
Genres:House, Electronic, Hip-Hop, New Beat
Occupations:Songwriter, Singer
Instruments:Vocals, Synthesizer , Musical Keyboard, Drums
Years Active:2005–present
Labels:Vertigo Records, Universal Music Group, Mercury Records

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