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Free piano sheet music from Koji Kondo

About Koji Kondo

Born in 1961, on August, 13, in Japan, Koji Kondo was a successful sound director and video game composer.

His career is now based on his partnership with the multinational electronic company Nintendo, where he’s been brought a great contribution since 1983. At international level, he is famous among the video gamers for his involvement in projects like The Legend of Zelda or Mario.

Since he was a child, he presented a large interest in the musical area. When he was five years old, he started to take lessons at the electronic organ.

Later, he began to meliorate his musical talent by playing in a band. The musical field he preferred back then was rock and jazz.

An important step in building his career was following the Osaka University of Arts, where he managed to learn how to control the sound, in a digital manner. At that moment, the famous company Nintendo needed a new team in the sphere of sound programming and digital composition. Kondo tried his fortune and applied for the job and he was accepted right away.

From that moment, Kondo started an extremely promising career: alongside Yukio Kaneoka and Hirokazu Tanaka, he began creating sound effects.

His first attempt is represented by his design contribution to the game Punch-Out!, in 1984. The game was a real success and once the game console Famicom was released, more and more people fell in love with this Nintendo arcade game.

Another game designed by Kondo is named Devil World and it is a captivating maze game. It was also released in 1984 in Japan, but it met international fame only three years later.

Once the company Nintendo decided to release Famicom out of Japan, Kondo’s fame came unavoidable.

The video game console wore from now on the name Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and it’s the main culprit for the video game crash that raved the American company Atari, Inc.

Ulterior, Nintendo released amazing video games and Kondo took part at the creation. As an example, the game Super Mario Bros. was released in 1985 and Kondo composed the music for it.

After a year, another successful video game was released and it also contained Kondo’s musical mark: The Legend of Zelda. On Kondo’s list of successful contribution are titles like Super Mario World, Star Fox, Pilotwings or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Therefore, Koji Kondo was the one who outlined the video games area by creating amazing theme songs that match every game.

We also took over some of his musical rhythms and transposed them into piano notes just for you!

Koji Kondo
Birth Name:Koji Kondo
Born:August 13, 1961, in Nagoya, Japan
Occupations:Sound Programmer, Sound Designer, Composer, Sound Director
Instruments:Electronic Organ, Piano, Cello
Years Active:1983–present

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