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Free piano sheet music from Magic!

About Magic!

Even though nowadays is hard to distinguish yourself in the musical area, the band Magic! accepted that challenge and, apparently, they won.

The result of their success is represented by that why you have to be so rude on everyone’s lips.

The band Magic! was first presented to the audience in 2012. It was composed by four talented boys: Nasri Atweh, Mark Pellizzer, Ben Spivak and Alex Tanas. Those four guys decided to bring on the music market the reggae fusion style: a combination between reggae and other genres like pop, drum and bass, rock or others. This daring mixture brought them the success and made them famous at international level.

The band took birth in Toronto, California. Nasri Atweh had a solo career before the collaboration with the other three members and his previous musical experience allowed him to exceed alongside this band. Besides that, Nasri had a musical experience of singing in a band by being a member of the band The Messengers. The band defined when Nasri met Pellizzer in a studio and they composed the Chris Brown’s song Don’t Judge Me. Ulterior, Alex and Ben joined and they started as the Magic! band in 2012. They say that it is a connection between them and that’s the key to success. When they were asked about the name of the band, Nasri said : Everything simply worked like Magic!

The natural environment existing around this band assured the surprising evolution: they met the success in 2013, once the song Rude was released.

After they released this track, the fame followed slowly: the song was nominated for Canadian Hot 200 and earned the number six position. Besides that, the song became an international success, being classed in different musical charts in countries like Romania, Australia or Sweden.

While everyone murmured the lyrics of this song, the band released their first album, Don’t Kill the Magic, in June, 2014. This album also enjoyed numerous nominalizations: it was ranked number six on Billboard 200 and won number five position in Canadian Albums Chart.

Soon, the Magic! band begin singing on the same stage with important musical celebrities like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift.

In order to transmit the magic, we created the piano sheet music of their song. So, don’t be rude and take a look!

Lineup:- Nasri
- Mark Pellizzer
- Ben Spivak
- Alex Tanas
Origin:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres:Reggae Fusion, Ska, Pop Rock
Years Active:2012–present
Label:RCA, Latium, SMI

Magic! sheet music list (1 in total)


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