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Close Your Eyes free piano sheet music by Meghan Trainor

About the song

Meghan Trainor is a pop sensation of the 21st century.

She inspires teenagers to love themselves, accept themselves and release from the chains of society. Songs like Close Your Eyes or All About That Bass resound in order to promote self-acceptance.

The song Close Your Eyes was written by Meghan and it belongs to the album Title. Alongside the successful producer Kevin Kadish, Trainor managed to release the song in September 2014.

Meghan is the one who took care of the melodic line of each song from her album, customizing the pop style by adding R&B influences. This song has a relaxing and restful melodic line. The melody begins with a slow rhythm of an acoustic guitar then the rhythm gets more complex, but it’s maintaining the soothing note.

As far as that goes the lyrics, Meghan’s song is characterized by positivity and confidence. Therefore, she sends to the audience a motivational message: accept yourself just the way you are. This song treats one of the contemporary society’s problems, more precisely the enforcement of patterns. That’s why Meghan refuses to subdue those patterns and sings about the importance of self-loving.

Meghan wrote the lyrics of Close Your Eyes in order to change the idea of perfection, highlighting that everyone is perfect in his own way.

Meghan claims about the lyrics of this song that It’s something I have to continually tell myself all the time and an important message that I wanted to express in my music.

Thanks to the important message carried on by this song, Meghan gained easily the success.

After the song was released, at the same time with the album, a long series of nominalizations and prices followed. Meghan succeeded to inspire an entire generation.

Therefore, we created the sheet music on account of offering you the possibility to sing this song and take part of the crowd who ignore the patterns.

Close Your Eyes
Artist:Meghan Trainor
Producer:Kevin Kadish
Released:January 9, 2015
Writers:Trainor, Kadish
Track length:3:41
Genres:Blue-Eyed Soul, Pop, Doo-Wop

Piano cover

Close Your Eyes - Meghan Trainor video tutorial preview

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Glenda June 24, 2015 at 11:39 #1

I cannot download the music. Please help! June 24, 2015 at 14:45 #2

When you click download, a popup appears. Under the social sharing buttons (which we would much appreciate if you use :) ), a link is displayed: Continue with download (one more step)... If you click that, another popup comes to focus, where you can vote for the sheet. Under the voting buttons, a "Download" button is placed, from where you can download the sheet. Hope it's clear!