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Free piano sheet music from Metallica

About Metallica

Metallica is a heavy metal Californian band that also incorporates thrash and hard rock genres.

The band has been formed by Lars Urlich and James Hetfield in 1981, in the month October. Their first original song was recorded at the start of 1982, something titled "Hit the Lights". It has been included on their compilation titled "Metal Massacre I", which got released in the summer of 1982.

After getting initial fame and scoring a few gigs, Metallica started working on their first album, when Johny Zazula signed them to Megaforce Records after hearing one of their demos titled "No Life ‘till Leather".

Recorded in New York, their debut album was called "Metal Up Your Ass" initially, but renamed to "Kill ‘Em All". Their fan base was starting to grow, especially in the underground area.

Their second album, called "Ride the Lightning", reached rank 100 on the Billboard 200. Metallica moved to Elektra Records, getting huge success with single "Creeping Death". They soon played for over 50.000 people in California, for the Day on the Green festival.

Their third album was very successful, released in 1986 and titled "Master of Puppets". In 2003, it was certified six times Platinum, also getting success at its release, reaching 29th place on the Billboard 200.

Their style include fast tempos, leads with harmony, lengthy instrumental songs and, while they started with a more aggressive style in order to use a more expressive and alternative approach. Their 1988 album was titled "…And Justice for All", followed three years later by "Metallica".

In 1990 they won a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance with "One", followed in 1991 and 1992 by the same award for "Stone Cold Crazy" and "Metallica", respectively. Before 1999, they also released 2 albums, titled "Load" in 1996 and "Reload" in 1997. In 1999 they won another award for Best Metal Performance for "Better than You".

Their last two albums were "St. Anger" from 2003 and "Death Magnetic" from 2008, They won other Grammy’s, including one in 2000 for "Whiskey in the Jar", titled Best Hard Rock Performance. One year later, they won Best Rock Instrumental Performance for "The Call of Ktulu". In 2004 and 2009 they won Best Metal Performance for "St. Anger" and "My Apocalypse", respectively.

In 2009, they won Best Recording Package for "Death Magnetic".

Lineup:- James Hetfield
- Lars Ulrich
- Kirk Hammett
- Robert Trujillo
Origin:Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Genres:Thrash Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Years Active:1981–present
Labels:Megaforce, Elektra/Warner Bros., Vertigo/Mercury/Virgin EMI/Universal, Blackened
Other members:- Dave Mustaine
- Ron McGovney
- Cliff Burton
- Jason Newsted
Discography:- Kill 'Em All (1983)
- Ride the Lightning (1984)
- Master of Puppets (1986)
- ...And Justice for All (1988)
- Metallica (1991)
- Load (1996)
- Reload (1997)
- St. Anger (2003)
- Death Magnetic (2008)
Official year when they were formed:1981

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