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Free piano sheet music from Nino Rota

About Nino Rota

Nino Rota is the name of a music composer and conductor, also known as a piano player.

Originating from Milan, Italy, he was born on the third of December, year 1911. He is best known for his musical scores intended for movies, especially for working with Luchino Visconti and Federico Fellini.

Nino Rota has worked on the soundtrack of "La Dolce Vita" in 2003. In 2002, he has provided music for "Romeo and Juliet". In 2009, he wrote the soundtrack for "Otto e Mezzo", and in 2003 he worked for "Amarcord". That same year, he worked on two more projects, namely "Giulietta dela Spiriti" and "Il Bidone".

In 2006, he wrote the music for "I Clowns", in 2009 for "Rocco e i suoi fratelli".

In 2008, he worked for the soundtrack of "Prova d’orchestra". In 2005 he has worked on "Il Gattopardo" and, one year earlier, for "Il Casanova di Federico Fellini". In the year 2008 Nino Rota has also worked on "War and Peace" and also on "The Godfather Part 3 – Original Soundtrack".

Among his earliest works we can remind the "Taming Of The Shrew Soundtrack" from the year 1967.

In 1995 he occupied himself with two projects, namely "Waterloo" and "Shoot Loud, Louder…I Don’t Understand". The year 2006 brought the project"Death On The Nile Soundtrack" for Nino Rota. In 2011 he wrote the "Boccaccio 70 Soundtrack". In 2005, he worked on "Nino Rota LSD Roma". In 2003, he wrote "Fellini-Rota: Three Original Motion Picture Soundtracks".

In 1992 he worked on 2 projects, called "Accadde Al Penitenzario" and "Un Eroe Dei Nostri Tempi". The year 1976 was the year of the "Alle Origini della Mafia" project for Nino Rota.

His compilations of his work didn’t cease to appear. In 2006, "The Ultimate Best of Fellini & Rota" appeared, containing 17 of Nino Rota’s works.

2010 brought over "Nino Rota: Music for Fellini, Part 1 1952 to 1958", containing 20 other songs. The "Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack" was released in 1968.

Another compilation was released in 2007, titled "Nino Rota: Film Music Masterworks", containing 12 songs.

The year 2000, another release got out, titled "The Film Music of Nino Rota". In 2003, "Nino Rota: International Film Music" was released, 2 years after the "Bravo Nino Rota" compilation. In 2009, "Nino Rota: Film Scores" got out, while 1995 brought over "Tribute to Nino Rota". Nino Rota has released several other compilations, as well as 13 other recordings of chamber music. He is also known for orchestral music releases and even opera.

Nino Rota
Birth name:Giovanni Rota
Born:December 3, 1911 In Milan, Italy
Died:April 10, 1979 (aged 67) In Rome, Italy
Occupations:Pianist, Academic, Conductor, Composer
Years active:1930-1979

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