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Crazy free piano sheet music by Aerosmith

About the song

Are you a piano player interested in free piano sheets, keys, notes and everything related to that?

Well, you definitely landed in the right place. Our website is a free resource of free piano tabs of Aerosmith and not only.

Aerosmith, also dubbed as "the bad boys of Boston" or America’s Greatest Rock and Roll band, is a musical group that has its origins in Boston, Massachusetts. The group was formed back in the early 70’s and since 1973 the band released no less than 15 albums. If you sit for a second and think about that, it’s a great figure of tunes and the result of many, many hours of hard work.

Aerosmith currently has five members (Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Steven Taylor, Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford). Only the first four were originally in the band, at their breakthrough, almost 40 years ago.

Is "Crazy" one of your favorite songs from Aerosmith? Well, that’s perfect. We guess that you’d be interested in playing this song at your very own piano so in order for you to do that, you’ll need the piano score but no worries: we are providing those for free!

"Crazy" is the final single from the extremely successful "Get a Grip" album released in 1994. The song was written by Steven Taylor, Joe Perry and Desmond Child, managing to obtain 17th position in Billboard Top 100 and 3rd position in Canadian tops.

The song’s lyrics describe an undecided woman that comes and goes. The name of the songs suggests the narrator’s state of mind related to that specific woman. Against all odds, "Crazy" managed to receive heavy rotation at MTV, the largest music television in the world.

However, "Crazy" is not the only free Aerosmith piano sheet we feature on our website. Maybe you’d like to check out "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" as well!

If you enjoyed this free piano score don’t forget to drop us a comment in the comments section down below and hit the "Like" button on our social media channels. Don’t forget to film yourself playing this tune and send it to us right away! We’d be delighted to see your skill and maybe even feature you on our website!

Producer:Bruce Fairbairn
Released:3 May 1994
Album:Get a Grip
Writers:Desmond Child, Joe Perry, Steven Tyler
Track length:5:16 (Album Version)
4:04 (LP Edit)
Genres:Blues rock

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Crazy - Aerosmith video tutorial preview

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