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Free piano sheet music from Lalo Schifrin

About Lalo Schifrin

The Argentinian composer, Lalo Schifrin, was born to Jewish parents, and, his father, Luis Schifrin, whom guided his son in the musical life, was also a musician conducting for three decades the second violin section of orchestra at Colon Theater.

Schifrin took an interest in music since he was six and his first piano lessons were taught by Enrique Barenboim.

A more serious approach of music came at age 16 when Schifrin met at the piano lessons the expatriate Andreas Karalis, a former head of Kiev Conservatory. Besides piano, he studied harmony with Juan Carlos Paz becoming interested in jazz, too.

Schifrin's background started with sociology and law at the University of Buenos Aires, but the most important rough guide was a scholarship to the Paris Conservatoire. He understood that music casted a meaning glance at his life.

His jazz orchestra formed after his returning to Argentina played a significant role and he started to involve himself in film, television and radio assignments.

His first head start in this direction as a breakup of the ice was The New Continent recorded in 1962, an assignment for an African adventure in Rhino and after that he re-arranged the theme for NBC-TV series The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

The test run culminated with Mission Impossible when Schifrin was awarded two Grammys at the 10th Grammy Awards for his work, and, won Best Instrumental.

In order to be an up to the hilt musician, you need education level, experience and key skills. Robert Fripp noticed that music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.

Schifrin started a long route in cinematography and it is important to bring to our minds several movies whose composer he was, such as Coogan's Bluff in 1968 or Tango in 1998. He also wrote the main theme for Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow and conducted the orchestra in Red Dragon in 2002.

Schifrin recorded 32 albums. Among the most important we may dray your attention upon Bossa Nova New Brasilian Jazz-1962, New Fantasy-1964, No One Home-1979, Jazz Meets Symphony-1992, More Jazz Meets Symphony-1993, Esperanto-2000, Schifrin/Schuller/Schapiro Piano Trios-2001.

Up to date, Schifrin won four Grammys, one Cable ACE Award, one Emmy Award and was nominated six times to Oscar. Also, he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

One of the directors he worked with, Brett Ratner, whom directed great movies such as Rush Hour or Red Dragon, described him briefly and profound as one of the greatest composers that ever lived since he understands how to move an audience emotionally.

Lalo Schifrin
Birth Name:Boris Claudio Schifrin
Born:June 21, 1932, In Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genres:Rock, Bossa Nova, Jazz, Bebop, Classical
Occupations:Arranger, Pianist, Composer, Conductor
Years Active:1950–present
Labels:Colgems, Roulette, MGM, Dot, Warner Bros., Tico, Verve, Colpix, Paramount, CTI, EntrActe, Palo Alto, Audio Fidelity, Tabu, Atlantic, Aleph
Discography:See the full list here. (
Film Scores:See the full list here. (

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