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Free piano sheet music from Ace of Base

About Ace of Base

Ace of Base is the name of a Europop group from Sweden, active since 1990.

Initially named "Kalinin Prospect", then CAD (Computer-Aided Disco) and Tech-Noir, they decided after three long years to call themselves Ace of Base.

Starting with a demo for "Wheel of Fortune", they did not get signed immediately, getting on the charts after the musical video release.

Creating another demo for song "Mr Ace", which became known as "All That She Wants", getting signed by Mega Records and releasing the album "Happy Nation", which became famous in Denmark, getting moderately known in the rest of Europe as well. "Waiting for Magic" followed and the band seemed to become more and more known, attracting interest from Sweden, Denmark and others.

Even getting charted in the USA, Ace of Base recorded new songs, such as "The Sign", which became their new album title, a great album which became known in the UK, as well as all around Europe, especially in Germany.

Releasing singles "Living in Danger" and "Don’t Turn Around", they became a huge success by 1995.

Their 1995 album was titled "The Bridge", pop single "Lucky Love" getting charted in Sweden, UK and Germany. "Beautiful Life" followed it, as well as "Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry".

In 1997 they released "Life Is a Flower" as a radio single, then "Cruel Summer" and "Everytime It Rains", as well as "Whenever You’re Near Me".

A compilation album was released titled "Singles of the 90s" and their "Greatest Hits" album followed. Soon after, in late 2002, they released a fourth album titled "Da Capo", not enjoying the same success as older works. "Beautiful Morning" and "The Juvenile" charted, but not as high as Ace of Base used to.

A hiatus occurred in the 2003-2006 interval.

Reuniting for a Russian concert, they started touring Europe, as well as Denmark and even released a new CD with "Greatest Hits, Classic Remixes and Music Videos" in 2008.

Since late 2009, they added two female singers and started to work on a fifth studio album, with a new band name.

A great influence for Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Robyn, their techno style and eurodance activity makes Ace of Base a great band, winning 3 Grammy Awards and 4 World Music Awards during their career.

Ace of Base
Lineup:- Jonas Berggren
- Ulf Ekberg
Origin:Gothenburg, Sweden
Genre:Eurodance, Europop
Years Active:1990-2003, 2006–present
Labels:Barclay, Polydor, Arista Records/BMG, Universal/Playground, Metronome, Mega Records
Official year when they were formed:1990
Other members:- Linn Berggren
- Clara Hagman
- Jenny Berggren
- Julia Williamson
Discography:- Happy Nation / The Sign (1993)
- The Bridge (1995)
- Flowers / Cruel Summer (1998)
- Da Capo (2002)
- The Golden Ratio (2010)

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Kendrell 29 September 2015 at 10:21 #1

this is the first website where I truly found free piano sheets. thank you so much.