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Free piano sheet music from Michel Legrand

About Michel Legrand

Michel Jean Legrand is the name of a musical composer and arranger and also a talented pianist.

The French composer is known for more than 200 movies and TV scores, from which we can remember "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" (1964) and "The Thomas Crown Affair" (1968).

Hailing from a musical background family, his father being a composer, Michel was only 22 years old when his debut album titled "I Love Paris" became a best-seller, one of the most successful instrumental albums ever.

With a career of over 100 albums and with a Paris Conservatoire musical background, the French composer has collaborated with famous jazz artists such as Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Phil Woods, Hank Jones, John Coltrane and others.

Michel has participated in the creation of a jazz album titled "Legrand Jazz" and another year later, "Paris Jazz Piano". He also contributed to "Jazz Le Grand" in 1979 and "After the Rain" in 1982, both being collaborations with Phil Woods.

In 1992 and 1994 he continued to make his mark in the jazz genre, releasing an album titled "Michel Plays Legrand".

His later work though has made him even known throughout the world, in 2002 recording a wonderful piano album featuring his own reworks on his older songs. The album was titled "Michel Legrand by Michel Legrand" and is a masterpiece for the jazz genre and seemingly inspired from artists such as Art Tatum, Bill Evans, Erroll Garner and Oscar Peterson.

In his long career, the French composer has been a conductor in Vancouver, Atlanta, Montreal, Pittsburgh, Denver and St. Petersburg and has collaborated with many names from genres such as variety and classical, alongside his famous jazz works. From the big names that he has worked with we can remember Claude Nougaro, Neil Diamond, Perry Como, Ella Fitzgerald, James Ingram, Aretha Franklin, Frankie Laine, Johnny Mathis, Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams and many others.

As a contribution to classical music, Michel worked with Erik Satie, George Gershwin, John Cage, Amy Beach, Aaron Copland, Conlon Nancarrow. His family has been involved in music as well, his sister as a singer and his niece as part of an indie rock group.

Working for film scores directed by Richard Brooks, Clint Eastwood, Joseph Losey and many others, his work has been highly appreciated especially after "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg", Hollywood getting him to collaborate with them.

Michel Jean Legrand is a great French composer and a talented pianist, that deserves to be known throughout the world, he definitely aided the jazz genre to evolve and many film soundtracks couldn’t have been the same without him.

Michel Legrand
Birth Name:Michel Jean Legrand
Born:24 February 1932, in Bécon les Bruyères (Courbevoie), France
Occupations:Arranger, Conductor, Musical Composer, Pianist
Years Active:1954–present

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