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Free piano sheet music from Radical Face

About Radical Face

Radical Face is the name of a pretty famous musical act which is formed by Ben Cooper, who comes from Florida, Jacksonville.

This simple name is said to have been chosen by chance, after seeing it on a flyer, which contained some information about facial lifting. His albums are: "The Junkyard Chandelier", "Ghost", "The Family Tree" and besides these, there are some successful EPs that belong to Cooper: "Touch the Sky EP", "The Bastards- Volume One EP", " Always Gold EP", "The Bastards - Volume Two EP" "The Bastards - Volume Three EP".

2010 represented an important year for Cooper, the year when he released an EP composed by six tracks, which is called "Touch the Sky".

It was well received on the market, like also the three components of the trilogy called "Family Tree", the appearance of which was announced by the EP. "The Roots", "The Bastards: Volume One EP" were also two huge successes belonging to Cooper.

Called "Clone", another of Cooper’s artistic works together with Richard Colado, was said to be available by the end of 2012 and, theoretically, Bear Machine Records were the one that were supposed to have supported and signed the event. Its first track was named "The Laboratory" and it was released in 2014, after being postponed over and over again.

The interesting part, considered by numerous people to be some distinctive feature of his works is represented by the fact that each song has an explanation, a detailed one, of the act.

All in all, the thing that makes the difference is subjective, being influenced by the way of thinking, the definition that each person gives to "value" and what principles guide each of us through life.

Maybe not everybody is strongly related to their families, but for sure such songs which have a background related to origins would bring pleasure to the listener.

Radical Face
Lineup:Ben Cooper
Origin:Jacksonville, Florida
Years Active:2010-present
Discography:- 2003: The Junkyard Chandelier (Self-released)
- 2007: Ghost
- 2011: The Family Tree: The Roots
- 2013: The Family Tree: The Branches
EP's:- 2010: Touch The Sky EP
- 2011: The Bastards - Volume One EP
- 2012: Always Gold EP
- 2013: The Bastards - Volume Two EP
- 2014: The Bastards - Volume Three EP

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