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Free piano sheet music from Beethoven

About Beethoven

Ludwig Van Beethoven was born in 1770 and was one of the most influential German composers in history.

He activated in the period of transition between Classical and Romantic eras. His most most notable works include 5 concertos for piano, 16 string quartets, 9 symphonies and 32 piano sonatas, among other great works.

He was born in Bonn, where he spent 22 years. His parents were Maria Magdalena Keverich and Johann van Beethoven. During this time he planned studying with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and took piano lessons with his father Johann Van Beethoven. He also became friends with Joseph Haydn.

In 1792, Ludwig van Beethoven moved to Austria and his fame as a pianist began growing. He spent the rest of his life in Vienna. Due to some medical issues, he lost his hearing, which is the reason why, at some point, he stopped performing in public and only composed. 

Ludwig van Beethoven is one of the titans in classical music and often referred to as "one of the B's", along Bach and Brahms. Throughout the three periods of his musical career, Early, Middle and Late, he composed some of the most remarkable musical pieces of all time.

During the Early period, he was under the influence of Mozart and Haydn. It is when he composed the first two symphonies, first 12 piano sonatas and first two piano concertos. The Middle period is characterized by the themes of heroism and struggle, due to his medical condition. This is when he composed works like the Kreutzer sonata or the Moonlight sonata.

The Late period, which began after 1815, depicted intense thoughts on personal experiences. He composed Missa Solemnis, the String Quartet, Op. 131, the Ninth Symphony and other intellectual works.

Because of his immense influence, many directors tried to depict his life and works in movies like "Un Grand Amour De Beethoven", in 1937, by Harry Baur; "The Magnificent Rebel", by Walt Disney, in 1962, "Immortal Beloved", in 1994. The most recent one is "Copying Beethoven", in 2006.

The Beethoven Monument was unveiled 1845, in Bonn, his home town. It stood as the first statue to be made in Germany for a composer. Also, the Beethoven House, a museum, was opened in Bonn. Also, a remarkable fact consist in the fact that the third largest crater from Mercury was named Ludwig van Beethoven, to honor him.

The great composer died in 1827, at age 56. His funeral was attended by more than 20 000 people. The reason of his death is still a cause of controversy. 

Ludwig van Beethoven has shaped the musical scene of his time and influenced its path for centuries to come. He is a reference for genius work and is regarded as one of the greatest musicians to have walked the Earth.


Birth Name:Ludwig van Beethoven
Born:17 December 1770, in Bonn, Germany
Died:26 March 1827, aged 56, in Vienna, Austria
Genres:Chamber Music, Choral Works, Symphonic Music, Piano Sonatas, String Quartets
Occupations:Composer, Pianist
Years Active:1781-1827
Parents:- Johann van Beethoven
- Maria Magdalena Keverich

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