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Free piano sheet music from The Carpenters

About The Carpenters

The Carpenters  were the biggest-selling group the 70’s and it consisted of Karen and Richard Carpenter.

They recorded 11 albums and 31 singles throughout their 14-year career. Despite their immense success, tragedy hit with Karen’s death in 1983. Her death was caused by heart failure and also meant the end of the group’s life.

Their musical style was a distinctively soft one and led to a record-breaking run of hit recordings on most charts and made them leading sellers in the soft rock, easy listening and adult contemporary genres. To this day, their albums reached more than 100 million unit sales.

The Carpenters had an unique lyrical and musical style which was owed, in part, to Karen’s wide vocal range which spanned three octaves. However, it was her "chest voice" where her magic was thought to be so Richard started rearranging cover songs and their own songs in a note that would fit her.

During the band’s existence, Richard played numerous instruments: grand piano, harpsichord, Hammond organ and synthesizers. Karen would also play the drums before 1974.

A compromise was made so that during the lesser known songs she would sit and sing standing during the ballads. However, because her vocal skills were required more, she played the drums less and less and by 1976 she wouldn’t play them at all.

Their style also included strings and sometimes brass and woodwinds. Richard Carpenter was at some point named "one of the most gifted arrangers to emerge in popular music".

The Carpenters  promoted themselves by being Burt Bacharach’s opening performance. They appeared in many popular TV shows such as: The Ed Sullivan Show, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, The Carol Burnett Show, The Mike Douglas Show, The Johnny Cash Show, where they played their hits. They also performed at the White House for Richard Nixon, in May 1973.

The Carpenters won 3 Grammy Awards during their career for Best New Artist, and two Best Pop Performance by a Duo, Group or Chorus < (They Long To Be) Close To You>. They also received negative reviews with some critics considering their music "bland and saccharine".

In 1973, they received the American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Band, Duo or Group.

The Carpenters released a total of 30 singles, out of which 10 were RIAA certified Gold.

They also had 10 album from 1969-1983 and, on Richard’s decision, four posthumous releases: "Voice of The Heart", "An Old-Fashioned Christmas", "Loveliness" and "As Time Goes By". They include the two final songs recorded by Karen and four songs from her solo album.

Apart from the three Grammy Awards, they also had two songs inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

The Carpenters brought music to a new dimension within a few years and still stand today as one of the biggest-selling groups of all time.

The Carpenters
Members:- Karen Carpenter
- Richard Carpenter
Origin:Los Angeles, California, United States
Genre:Pop, Soft Rock, Adult Contemporary
Years Active:1969–1983
Official year when they were formed:1969
Discography:- Ticket to Ride (1969)
- Close to You (1970)
- Carpenters (1971)
- A Song for You (1972)
- Now & Then (1973)
- Horizon (1975)
- A Kind of Hush (1976)
- Passage (1977)
- Christmas Portrait (1978)
- Made in America (1981)
- Voice of the Heart (1983)
- An Old-Fashioned Christmas (1984)
- Lovelines (1989)
- As Time Goes By (2001)

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