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He’s A Pirate free piano sheet music by Klaus Badelt

About the song

"He’s A Pirate" is a track that was especially composed for the Disney movie "Klaus Badelt, one of the genre’s masters, and released in 2005.

It cannot be determined whether it’s Klaus Badelt that made the track gain so much appreciation or it was the track that made him gain so much recognition, but it is a fact that after "He’s a pirate", Badelt has been regarded as one of the greatest composers of our times.

A separate single of the song was released in the year 2006 by Tiesto, and another one by Rebel, in the year 2014. A remix version appears in an EP called "Pirates Remixed".

A promotional CD with nine tracks was released by Walt Disney Records. The remix also includes two originals and radio edits.

Also, another promotional CD containing Jack Theme Suite and Tiesto's version was released. The track is available through the CDs, digital download and vinyl.

"He’s a pirate" received appreciation worldwide and became a hit in various countries.

It still receives demand from the public and it’s expected to pass the test of time as one of the best movie scores of all time.

Tiesto’s "He’s A Pirate-Tiesto Remixes" is a dance version of Klaus Badelt’s original track and was a hit and a commercial success and released by EMI Records. It reached in the top ten in several countries, such as Belgium, Finland, Germany, Netherlands and Denmark.

Rebel’s version was entitled "Black Pearl (He’s A Pirate)" and also became a hit in countries such as France, Belgium and Switzerland.

The digital download includes remixes and a radio edit with a total of six tracks.

Klaus Badelt's free piano sheet of He’s A Pirate can be downloaded below. Enjoy!

He’s A Pirate
Composer:Klaus Badelt
Producers:Klaus Badelt, Hans Zimmer
Released:July 22, 2003
Album:Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (soundtrack)
Label:Walt Disney
Track length:1:30

Piano cover

He’s A Pirate - Klaus Badelt video tutorial preview

Free sheet music list for download

6 versions available.
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  • 1 Version 1
  • 2 Version 2
  • 3 Version 3
  • 4 Version 4 - for Violin
  • 5 Version 5
  • 6 Version 6

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Sara Green October 15, 2016 at 12:50 #1

Some of the versions don't seem to be working/opening...please check this...but version 6 is incredible!!!! :) just what I was looking for